Photography Locations On The North York Moors

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Image #1

The above image was taken at Falling Foss which is situated south of Littlebeck and east of Fylingdales. Travelling north on the A171 Robin Hood's Bay Road, turn left onto the B1416. You then need to take the second left onto Foss Lane and follow the road down until you reach the car park. From the car park turn left and keep following the path (which is uneven) and you will eventually cross over the bridge in the image. You can then walk down to the water where I took this image, and behind you there is the tea room and the main waterfall.

Image #2

North York MoorsNorth York Moors

This image of the lone tree was taken not too far from Goathland. Travelling north on the A169 take the first entrance for Goathland on the left. Pass the viewing area and keep on driving until you drive over a small bridge, then directly under a bridge over which the NYMR run their trains. As you emerge from underneath the bridge you will pass a lay by on the right, this is one of the locations I park if I am taking photos of the NYMR. When you pass this you will drive over a cattle grid where the road will then bend to the left and you will pass a house on the right. Just before the road bends slightly to the right, you will see the lone tree to your left a few yards away from the road.

Image #3 and #4

North York MoorsNorth York Moors North York MoorsNorth York Moors










The two images above were taken in the same spot and these are easy to find from the lone tree. As you continue on the road where the lone tree was, you will arrive at a mini roundabout. Turn left at this roundabout and simply keep following the road till you come to a cross roads with a sign post on the right saying "ESK VALLEY 1".  Take the left turn and follow the road until you arrive at a closed gate. Open the gate (remembering to close it behind you) and once through the gate drive a few yards and park up at the side of the road. Just before the road re-joins the main road which is called Wheeldale Road you will find the marker posts on your right (image #3) and the signpost on your left (image #4).

Image #5

North York MoorsNorth York Moors


The location of the image above is on Wheeldale Road. Heading south down Wheeldale Road you will find some areas to pull into the side of the road near the bottom before a sharp right hand turn. Be warned that the ground where this image was taken can get boggy and can also be used by cars for a passing point. 

I hope this blog is useful to other photographers who wish to visit the North York Moors for some photography.









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