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1940s Weekend on The Great Central Railway

June 09, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

On Saturday 2nd June 2018 I visited for the first time The Great Central Railway in Loughborough for their annual 1940s weekend. This event ran from the 1st June to 3rd June, and I started my visit at Quorn & Woodhouse Station. 

One thing I must say before continuing with this blog, and that is some of these events certainly know how to make money from their visitors. The parking at Quorn & Woodhouse was £5 per car on the field next to the railway lines. Entry to just the station yard was £9 per person which didn't include access to the platform. You were only allowed access to the platform if you had valid railway tickets for travel. The cost per adult for an all-day travel ticket was £23 each. Luckily you could upgrade to a travel ticket if you had only purchased the yard ticket. This is what I decided to do as I wanted to visit another station called Rothely which was home to the German army and also would stage a mock battle.

The yard at Quorn & Woodhouse had plenty to offer visitors during the weekend from vintage cars, military vehicles, re-enactors from the British Army, American Army, the RAF and three stages featuring live entertainment throughout the day.

There was also a full-size Spitfire which you could sit inside and have your photo taken for £10. 

On the platform, you had more re-enactors walking up and down, including Winston Churchill.

A few miles up the line was Rothley station which had been transformed into German-occupied French village with German military vehicles, bombed out cafe and even a very graphic German field hospital and surgeon.

The car park area at Rothley was the stage area for the weapon demonstration followed by the battle re-enactment. 

Overall there was plenty to see and do at these two stations as well as the other stations.

Photos from this event can be viewed by clicking here.

You can also enjoy some highlights of my visit by watching my video below:




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