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The Seated Man on Castleton Rigg

April 02, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

On Thursday 29th March 2018, I took a drive up to the North York Moors to find and photograph The Seated Man sculpture by artist Sean Henry. The sculpture is located at the top of a hill called Castleton Rigg which is south of Castleton and east of Westerdale. There is no official car parking for the sculpture and parking is limited on the side of the road. A word of warning if you plan to visit, some areas along the side of the road may look ok to park, but you do have the risk of getting stuck in the mud.

Once parked up along the side of the road I crossed over and started my climb up the hill towards the Seated Man. There is a kind of a grass path to follow up to the sculpture, and depending on the weather it can be very muddy and boggy so it is always worth wearing some good waterproof walking boots or wellies. The path can be tricky in some stages as the ground is uneven, especially if you wander from the grass path and walk off the beaten track.

After a while of climbing, I could start to see the sculpture and knew I was getting closer. As you get near the top of the hill where the sculpture is, the ground becomes a little easier to navigate. Before I knew it I was at the Seated Man looking over the North York Moors.

It is a shame some people hate this sculpture, as I certainly think it is something different and interesting and we could do with having more of this type of art around the North York Moors. During my visit to the Seated Man, many people had made the climb to see him and take some photos. One group of hikers stopped at the top to have a break and I got talking to a couple of them and I was told a little bit about the story behind the sculpture, the owner and why it was located at this location. 

Every person has their own take on the sculpture and who the person could be and why he is seating clutching his case. Is it just a coincidence that this sculpture looks like Jeremy Corbyn, or is there a hidden tail that nobody knows about except for the creator?

The Seated Man

It would be rude not to take a selfie stood next to the sculpture :)

The sculpture was installed in August 2017 and will remain at this location for 5 years, giving visitors many years to visit this location and capture a moment in history. I have included a map below of the location of the Seated Man if you haven't visited and would like too. 

Below is my vlog on my YouTube channel from my visit to this location. Please feel free to like, comment and subscribe to my channel. You can visit my channel by clicking here.



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