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The Beast From The East 2018

March 06, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

On Tuesday 27th February 2018, I woke up to a covering of snow where I live in East Yorkshire. This was the start of what the media had nicknamed "The Beast From The East." As it doesn't snow very often in East Yorkshire and start to lay, I decided to venture out and take some photos in the local area as I was unable to travel to other parts of Yorkshire where they had more snowfall. 

I had a couple of locations in mind for photo opportunities, the first one was Skidby Windmill and the second was on Beverley Westwood. Because normally when it snows in East Yorkshire it soon melts, I had to act fast so I grabbed my camera bag, got in the car and headed for Skidby Windmill. Because of heavy traffic on the route I had to go the long way round which took me via Little Weighton. During the drive, I did see other possible compositions but I wanted to keep focused on the two I had in mind. Driving conditions were ok and I had no issues with road closures or ice. Not until I got to Beverley Westwood.

On arrival at Skidby Windmill, I was hopeful as there was a nice covering of fresh snow in the car park. I decided to go for a walk to the windmill before unloading my gear just to make sure it was the scene I was hoping for, but sadly it wasn't. There was no snow on the windmill, and the field I wanted to take the photo from wasn't really covered that much in snow. I took the decision not to bother and headed for Beverley Westwood.

But before leaving I did take a quick photo of the white phone box and bench which is at the entrance to the car park. I have taken a similar shot in the past but never with snow, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity. It was a very simple composition, and it was also taken handheld with an EV +1 to help with the whiteness of the snow.

Phone Box and Bench

On arrival to Beverley Westwood was where the roads started to get a little tricky with driving. None of the roads had been treated and started to get a little icy. As I made my way down one of the roads on Beverley Westwood I had to be careful I didn't drive off the side and end up on the grass as I would have ended up getting stuck. I parked up to the side of the road and got out to look for some compositions. I soon found a lone tree with some snow on its bare branches, with snow on the ground. There was also some light coming through behind the tree from a break in the clouds. Yet again this was taken handheld while being careful not to slip over.

Lone Tree

The second image I took at Beverley Westwood was just before I got back into the car. I just caught the scene from the corner of my eye, and I liked that there was a break in the clouds with some blue sky, a small log covered in snow next to two trees. 

Beverley Westwood

Another Beverley Westwood

With three images taken on Beverley Westwood, I decided to drive to Rowley which I drove through via Little Weighton on my way to Skidby as I wanted to see if I could take a photo of St Peter's church. On arrival, all looked promising and when I arrived at the church there was a nice fresh blanket of snow. I parked the car up away from the church in case I wanted to use the blanket of snow in the foreground. I took my first shot which was in portrait position also handheld. I framed the church by using some of the overhanging branches from the trees as I wanted to create a Christmas card feel to the image.

St Peter's Church - Rowley

Soon after I took a few images of this composition, a council bin lorry reversed next to me, not only making giant tyre marks in the snow but also spoiling any chance of taking another composition. This is the kind of luck I seem to experience when I am out taking photos, right place at the wrong time. This was when I decided to get back in the car and head for home. As I was driving back down the drive to the main road, I decided to stop and take an image of the church from the side. It wasn't the best image as I felt it lacked foreground interest even with the grass area covered in snow. That image can be found below.



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