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Janet's Foss

February 11, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Hello and welcome to my first blog in 2018.

On Friday 2nd February I decided to visit Janet's Foss in the Yorkshire Dales and take some photos as the weather for that part of Yorkshire was better than what was forecast for East Yorkshire.

I set off on my trip around 6.30am as I wanted to get there nice and early as I didn't know how busy this location would be at this time of the year. I know in the Spring and Summer months it can get really busy. Unfortunately, I didn't have a really good journey and ended up arriving just after 10.00am. The reason for my late arrival was mainly down to my own fault when traveling on the A1 heading north. When I got to my exit for Harrogate the queue on the slip road went on for at least a mile, so I decided I would take the next exit and make my way across the country. Sadly I didn't know that the next exit would be a further 30 miles or so. Things just went downhill from there as the route I had planned was now redundant and I had to make my way there using the navigation on a phone. Something which is ok when you have a signal, but every now and then I would lose the signal and have to drive blind hoping I either saw a sign or I would get a signal back. Many miles later, and what seemed to take forever I arrived in the village of Malham, and was heading for Janet's Foss down a narrow single country lane, where I was greeted with an oncoming HGV. Luckily there was enough room for me to pull over so he could pass. 

Parking for Janet's Foss was easy as most people seemed to be parking at the official National Trust car park back in the village of Malham. From my parking spot, it was just less than a minutes walk to the entry gate to the path that leads down to the waterfall. There are two paths to take, one heading off to the left which takes you to the top of the waterfall, and the path to the right which takes you down to the waterfall. Warning, if you plan to visit make sure your boots or footwear has a really good grip as the rocks were very slippery on the way down, and the pathway at some points had very deeps steps.

Once down the path, I was greeted with the sound of rushing water and behind a small wall, I could see Janet's Foss in all her glory. Following the dirt path a little more, it takes you down so you can view the waterfall from the front. Yet again be very careful and make sure you have good grips on your footwear as I nearly slipped over once. Yes, it was caught on camera and is in my vlog below.

I couldn't have chosen a better day weather wise for my trip as I had a lovely blue sky with some nice sunlight. Personally, I think this was the best time of year to visit this location, as in the Spring and Summer months it would have been so busy with people sitting and even having a picnic in the area I wouldn't have been able to take the images I did.

My first image was the classic head-on composition using a soft ND grad to help darken down the skies, as even thou the sky was blue it was still a little too bright for my exposure.


The next couple of images were in the same location, one was of the stream which was to my right making use of the bright green moss and another image of the waterfall, this time cropping in tighter so there was no sky, just the waterfall, and the pond.

Before taking the above image was when I nearly had my little mishap as I lost my footing and nearly fell over. If you would like to see this and have a giggle, watch my YouTube vlog by clicking here. If you do watch it feel free to like, comment, share and of course subscribe to my channel. Luckily I survived to continue with my photo shoot.

Behind me from where I took the above images was a dirt track which leads people along the stream. I took the opportunity to walk down the track so I could take another couple of images of the stream along with some more rocks with this lovely incredible bright green moss. Standing in the stream now I set my camera up for the first of two compositions. One image would be focused on the stream and a log in center of the composition with some moss, and the second composition would focus on some rocks in the foreground with moss, the log with moss in the middle of the composition and finally the stream in the background. The second image I had to focus stack it, so I had complete sharpness from foreground to the background. It did take me a while to take the second image as it started to get busy with people and sadly I don't think some people realized I was taking a photo or was actually in my shot. So I had to wait patiently until they had moved or there was a gap where I could take the images.

After taking the above two images I had a look around to see if there was any other compositions I could find. I decided that I had taken everything I could in this spot, so I headed back up to the main path at the entrance to Janet's Foss and took the other path leading to the top of the waterfall to see if there were any compositions from this angle. Sadly there wasn't any, but there was one composition I found over looking a fence to the main stream that filtered down to the top of the waterfall.

Yet again I found an image which oozed green moss and rocks. In the stream I saw three large rocks covered in green moss which had heavy water flowing past. The top of the rocks also had some nice sunlight hitting them, so I set my camera up this time using my 10 stop ND filter to take a long exposure of 30 seconds.

Sadly by the time I had finished at Janet's Foss it was nearly 1pm and I didn't want to rush the other locations I wanted to visit in Malham, so I decided to head back home, and re-visit later in the year.

Below is my vlog on my YouTube channel. Feel free to like, comment, share and subscribe for future videos.





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