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Sandtoft Gathering 2017 at Sandtoft Trolley Bus Museum

July 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

On Sunday 30th July 2017 I took my first visit to Sandtoft Trolley Bus Museum in Sandtoft, Lincolnshire. The reason I visited the museum on this particular date was because they were holding their annual event called "Sandtoft Gathering". This event was advertised as their biggest event of the year, with over 100 vehicles ranging from cars, buses from private collectors , bicycles and off course their very own collection of trolley buses. The day ran from 10am to 6pm with free parking just outside the museum grounds.

The price for the museum was as follows:

  • Adult £10
  • Senior £8.50
  • Concession £6.50
  • Under 5's Free
  • Family Ticket £29.50

As well as the gathering there was the normal exhibits to be seen which included:

  • Selection of trolleybuses in operation to ride on
  • In-house 5-rated cafe serving made-to-order meals, delicious home-made cakes and hot and cold drinks
  • Vintage motorbus guided tour of surrounding local area (the Isle of Axholme) **
  • “The Trolleybus During the First Wold War” exhibition 
  • Trolleybus displays
  • 1950s/ 60s shop window displays
  • The period Sunbeam cycle shop exhibition
  • 1950s Prefab “home” display
  • Audio-visual presentations in the “Regal” lecture theatre
  • Children's full-sized trolleybus "Have a Go at Driving” simulator (located in the café)
  • Guided tours of vehicles in the main depot building
  • Souvenir shop
  • Gardens & nature trail

Even thou I arrived early it was still busy with a long queue to pay, but once in you were free to roam. The museum is not very big so space was being well used. You had the main garage which was home to the stalls with unused trolley buses at the back. It was a shame that you couldn't really see the unused trolley buses as they were tightly packed next to each other, and some were behind the stalls.

Outside next to the garage sheds you had the 1950's Prefab home display. I didn't manage to take any photos inside this exhibit as it was so tiny, and it seemed everyone wanted to have a look at the same time. Across from the garage you had the 1950's/1960's shop window display, Cafe, and next to that the Regal Theatre with bus stops. 

Trolley bus outside The Regal Theatre.

Behind those was a small open grass area which was home for the classic and vintage cars which were taking part in the display. You also had a traction engine, vintage lorry with a large fair organ. Just in front of this was the space where the live entertainment would be entertaining the crowd.

Jaguar Cars on display.

On the other side of this little grass area was the display of cycles and all this was surrounded by a road in which the trolley buses gave visitors a ride around the grounds.

Trolley bus giving customers a ride.

The other main area within the grounds was a field back near the entrance which was playing home to the collection of private buses and a few more classic cars that had arrived in the morning. This field also lead onto another little area which was home to some more trolley buses. These were easier to have a look at than the ones in the garage as they were more spread out and was easier to walk around them.

Collection of privately owned buses.

More trolley buses.

Overall I spent a few hours at this museum and I must admit it was a little over priced for what was on offer, but the volunteers have kept some trolley buses it good clean working order. Also the museum only makes it's money from these special types of events so the money is going on restoring these trolley buses and keeping them running for the public to come along and ride aboard them.

There was also a few other trolley buses there at the museum which was unusual to see. One was a American trolley bus, and the other was a German trolley bus. 

American trolley bus.

German trolley bus.

It was a shame to see this German trolley bus in this state especially as I saw a video on You Tube from 1988 and this was seen in the video and looked in very good condition. But it made for a good dramatic photo for me.

 If you would like to know more about this museum and see when their next open event day is, you can do so by visiting their website www.sandtoft.org.uk

Below is a video from my day at the museum. Please feel free to like, share and subscribe to my You Tube channel. You can visit my channel by clicking here.




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