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Rescue Day 2017

July 14, 2017  •  2 Comments

The 8th July 2017 saw the return of Rescue Day, which was held at 7 The Lakes Country Park, Crowle in Lincolnshire. Sadly it was cancelled last year due to heavy rain during the week leading up to the event, thus making the ground unsuitable. But this year was perfect weather and the event was back.

Rescue Day is a great family event not only with lots to see and do, but also helps raise money for many charities involving the emergency services. It is a chance for members of the public to get up close to equipment, uniforms, vehicles and also speak to the staff and ask any questions they like.

Tickets were £10 per adult and £5 per child and under 5's FREE.

The day also helps raise awareness of the dangers that life can bring from house fires through to boats sinking at sea.

The gates were open from 9am, and we could have a look around but the event wasn't officially opened till 10am. Once the event was open the demonstrations were able to commence.

The site was made up of 7 main staging areas. North arena 1 & 2, south arena 1, 2 & 3, east arena and the lake it'self which was know as water on the guide.

During the day we would have demonstrations covering the following:

  • Bus vs House
  • Rope Rescue
  • Police Pursuit
  • Children Inflatable Safety
  • Horse Box Rescue
  • CPAD Demo
  • Flood Rescue
  • Plane Crash
  • Boat Fire
  • Whale Rescue
  • Rail Incident
  • RTC - Dual Nationality
  • Red Devils Display
  • Flypast BBMF Spitfire
  • House Fire
  • RTC Motorway Safety
  • Capsized Boat

Luckily some of the demonstrations were repeated, but there were some where they were only being done once. Those were the main demonstrations I aimed to watch as I knew I could watch the others when repeated. The rest of the event ground was made up of stalls, stands from emergency services showing you equipment they use and much more.

The theme for the rail incident this year was a HGV and trailer being struck by the train at the level crossing as seen in the photo below.

There were four main demonstrations I watched during the day. The first one was the police pursuit that started at 10.45am which involved the North Yorkshire Policing Unit as seen on TV. There demonstration involved a mock up ATM raid and demonstrated the procedures they use when attempting to stop the suspect vehicle, what happens when it fails to stop, and then finally blocking the vehicle and then arresting one of the suspects while the other suspect who was armed with a sledge hammer was tasered.

Below is a photo of one of the many police vehicles they use in police pursuits on a daily basis.

After this demonstration had ended, I waited in the same spot as at 11.30am I wanted to watch the plane crash demonstration. It involved the use of a small plane and the fuselage of another plane. The scenario was that the little plane had landed and was unable to stop and crashed into the other plane which was waiting to take off. Altogether 5 emergency service agents were used in this demonstration including :

  • Humberside Fire and Rescue
  • East Midlands Ambulance
  • EMAS HART (East Midlands Ambulance Service Hazardous Area Response Team)
  • St Johns
  • Airport Fire Service (which were using a fire appliance that cost $1,000,000)

Things didn't go too well for Humberside Fire and Rescue as at the end of the demonstration their fire engine got stuck on some soft ground on the arena. Luckily for them Gallows Recovery were near by so they called on them to help pull the fire engine free and the crowd was able to watch a real recovery.

There was a gap between the next demonstration I wanted to see so I made my way to the helicopter landing pad as the Lincolnshire Air Ambulance had landed before the plane crash demonstration started. This area was very busy, and the helicopter was popular as people were queuing either side to have their photo taken sitting inside.

The day was getting hotter and it was time for some refreshments so headed to the bar. After a relaxing rest it was close to 1pm so I positioned myself near the main lake in wait for the Red Devils Parachute Display team to arrive. 

Straight after the Red Devils I didn't have to go very far for the next demonstration, as the south arena 2 was next to the water. This event was the house fire and went through the process of a passer by ringing 999 reporting the fire, the fire brigade arriving on scene to then suiting up to enter the building to tackle the fire and rescue anyone trapped. The ambulance service were also deployed in this event as there were a few casualties within the building who where being brought out by the fire crew for the ambulance service to take over. 

With this demonstration over it was another lap of the grounds taking in the atmosphere and making sure I hadn't missed anything out. The day had gone quick and it was close to 4pm and I decided to leave after spending over 6 hours walking around and watching demonstrations. Overall it was a very good day, good atmosphere and excellent weather.

Scene for the horse box rescue.

The crowd enjoying the RTC demonstration.

I would to thank all the emergency services who attended along with all the people behind the scenes who made this day possible.

Below is a video I filmed on the day which is also on my You Tube channel. Please feel free to visit and subscribe by clicking here.




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