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Why I No Longer Use Clickasnap.

October 12, 2017  •  2 Comments

Back in May 2016, a new sharing website was introduced to the world wide web where photographers could share their photography and earn money from views. This site was called Clickasnap and advertises as the worlds largest pay per view sharing platform for photographers.

I knew when signing up to the website that I wasn't going to be making money very quickly and it wouldn't be a huge amount of money. The idea behind the website is that a photographer uploads a photo, which can be viewed by other Clickasnap members. They can also share a link back to their photo by using other social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google +.  By doing this for every view over 5 seconds will be classed as a paid view earning the photographer some money. This is where the magic for me disappears. Currently, the value for every paid view is $0.0014.  They do set out how this price is generated and it can go up or down, but I won't go into how that works in this blog. With this figure in mind, I need 4 paid views to earn $0.01 according to my upload page which outlines views, likes and number of paid views and amount earned. If you are a well-known photographer or a photographer who has 100's if not 1000's of followers you will be making money easily. But for us, small photographers, or photographers starting out it will just take forever to reach the payout marker. As you can see by the image below, you also need to raise $25 before you can claim your money. This is the same situation if you have upgraded to a pro account to use their marketplace to sell your images as prints or other gifts. It seems a lot of hard work and effort for very little in return.

$2.39 is the amount I have earned since I joined in May 2016 and following all the guides to help a photographer get more paid views. Personally, for me, this seems a lot of work each time you upload an image to get nothing in return. Sometimes I have uploaded images and I have had no views or likes. There have been many discussions on the forums on Clickasnap about the site and payment and I do understand that yes this may be the only website at the moment that you can earn money from, but it is also not as popular as other sharing websites. There is also the price of subscriptions to premium accounts. I did give this a try but felt I was wasting my £3 per month for what was being offered. I decided to downgrade my account back to the free account and continue to try and sale any of my images through my website, Facebook page and other means. Just to let you know what you get when you upgrade to any pro account, below is an image showing you.

Another thing I don't think that is very fair with Clickasnap is that you have to pay the top subscription so you can have faster browsing and high-quality previews. These two options should be included in the free account and I don't think it is fair that if using the free account or the lower pricing subscription accounts your image doesn't show as high quality. This could affect how long people would stay on your image as sometimes the quality of an upload is so poor and grainy you could mistake it for the photographers editing skills. Lately, I have also found that Clickasnap seems to crash a lot or is non-responsive. I can understand that sometimes the servers do get up to maximum capacity, or that due to updating the site there will be issues or new bugs, but it doesn't help when you want to edit your profile and can't.

Why am I not deleting my Clickasnap account? (See additional entry below)

I am not going to delete my Clickasnap account because I am going to use my profile of a means of advertising to my social media and website. Even thou I may not be getting many paid views, I still get people visiting my profile and who may then visit one of my social media links. 

16th July 2018

I have recently discovered that a couple of things have changed since I stopped using Clickasnap, so I have decided to give the site another go to see if using the site has changed since my last visit. These changes are:

  • Total amount needed to cash out has been reduced to $15
  • Amount per paid view is back to $0.0015



tom oswald(non-registered)
Hi I thought i should add a bit of feedback to this as the owner of the site:

Firstly, thank you for your candid information on why you have stopped uploading. Some responses to your comments however:
1) When selling photos you do not need to reach a $25 payout to get paid out, for sales it is payable to you immediately
2) The price of our selling accounts at £3 per month is the cheapest on the internet today for unlimited products and the features that we offer
3) The reason why you get faster browsing on the top tier accounts is because it is ad-free, this is what accelerates your page load times. Also, Pro accounts no longer have the high qualtiy previews, all accounts do, this was changed in the last update

In the interests of fairness I hope this comment is published or the article is updated
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