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Sledmere House Fireworks 28th October 2017 "Out of this World"

October 29, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

On the evening of Saturday 28th October 2017 I went to Sledmere House to watch and photograph their annual firework display which is set to music. This year their event was called "Out of this World" 

The event was from 5.30pm until 9.30pm with the fireworks at 8.00pm. There was entertainment for the whole family before the fireworks with fairground rides, as well as food and drink stalls, as well as a huge bonfire. The fireworks were by a company called "The Fireworkers Ltd" and are based in Driffield. 

Tickets for the event were:

  • Adult: £9.50
  • Concession: £8.50
  • Child: £5.00
  • Family: £28.00

There was the option for advanced discounted tickets sales, but the deadline for those was 12 noon on the day. But I still ended up only paying £9.00 on the gate rather than £9.50. They also advise people to wear their wellies and I could see why when I arrived. The car park wasn't too bad when I arrived, but the walk from the ticket gate down to the field where the event was taking place was very thick mud. It was bad enough for people who were just walking, but there were parents with pushchairs and people being pushed in wheelchairs. It was a shame that the organisers couldn't have put some kind of flooring down over the worse affected areas to make it easier for everyone.

In typical style for me, I arrived really early before the fireworks, so I had over an hour to wait which gave me enough time to take some test shots. For this event, I was using my:

  • Canon 5D M2
  • 28mm-135mm f/3.5 - f/5.6 IS USM
  • Tripod
  • Cable Release
  • Focus set to infinity
  • Apertures from f/11 - f/22
  • Shutter speed from 1 seconds to 5 seconds

I was all ready for the fireworks to begin when a family stood in front of me. Not too bad to begin with I thought as not blocking Sledemere House which I had included in my composition. But then they decided to move closer to me as the fireworks began, so I had to move position and quickly find a composition that worked well and still included Sledemere House. 

Below are some images I took at this firework event.

With the fireworks over it was time to leave and that's when things started to become a little bit of a challenge. Even thou the event was still open, a lot of people including myself decided to make our way back to our cars. The muddy walkway back to the entrance was so busy and slow moving, people were getting stuck in what was now very thick mud. I had to go off the main walkway onto another part of the field as I could see myself getting pushed over as it was that busy.

Back in the car all nice and warm came the next challenge, which was getting out of the car park. Or I should say a field that was being used as a car park. This was very very busy with people queuing to leave. The way I ended up going was a nightmare for some cars, including one van which were stuck in the mud. At first, I thought I was blocked in as there was nowhere I could go due to people in front and to the side of me being stuck. Luckily one of the cars broke free and I  managed to drive at speed (to avoid getting stuck myself) past the others that were stuck and made my way to the exit, which was the same way I came in. 












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