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Made In Hull

January 09, 2017  •  1 Comment

As many of you will know Hull is City of Culture 2017, and started the year off with a firework display and a week of light projection shows on some of Hull's buildings from The Deep to Ferens Art Gallery. It ran from 1st January to 7th January and I was lucky to have some days off and pop along to watch these projections onto the buildings. I have to honestly say that I was amazed and really enjoyed what I saw. Apart from the story telling via the projection light show, the music and sound made it even more entertaining and really gripped the viewer into what was happening.

The first show I went too was at The Deep and was called "Arrivals and Departures" by imitating the dog with music by a local man called Terry Dunn. This show told the story of the flow of people and animals in Hull from all over the world. Unlike at Queen Victoria Square, you had many viewing areas that you could watch this from, which made it better for crowd control. For me personally the best viewing spot was on Corporation Pier.

Not far from The Deep on Silver Street there was a projection called "Hullywood Icons" by Quentin Budworth. This was a projection made up of photos of local people recreating iconic film images from Dirty Dancing to Mary Poppins. At the other side of The Deep on High Street underpass was a show called "Embers" This involved several screens showing viewers club scene  from the 90's.

Made In Hull had something for everyone, and for me the two main shows that I went to see were "Arrivals and Departures" at The Deep and "We Are Hull" at Queen Victoria Square which I have to say was my favourite. "We Are Hull" used Ferens Art Gallery, City Hall and the Maritime Museum to project special light shows and photos. It told a story about the people of Hull and stories over 70 years. Life before World War 2, during World War 2, Hull fishing industry and tragedy through to culture of Hull Fair and Hull music scene. 

Other areas of Hull during the week which had activities were Whitefriargate, Zebedee's Yard, Silver Street and Scale Lane which had smaller shows. The first week of the City of Culture I say was a success as it did attract many many people to the city. I do feel that the organisers of the event weren't anticipating the amount of visitors to the city, especially on the last night. I went on the last night and the whole city was gridlocked. Not just the pavements with crowds, but also the roads in and out of the city. I do feel this was a shame, as I did hear people in the crowds who had just arrived saying about leaving and it could easily lead to more bad press. The on going city works didn't help the situation as everyone was crowded between fences as we were all trying to move around Queen Victoria Square. This seemed a real health and safety hazard, and I was shocked that I only saw two police officers around Queen Victoria Square. Luckily as I am typing this I haven't heard about anyone getting hurt within the crowds.

More photos that I took during "Made In Hull" can be found by clicking here.

Below are some video from my You Tube channel that I filmed during my visit over the 3 days. Please feel free to visit my channel and subscribe, and also like and share.


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