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Too Many You Tube Photography Tutorials?

September 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Are there too many You Tube photography tutorials on the internet?

You Tube is a great way for anyone wanting to learn a hobby. Type in what you are wanting to learn and you will find tutorials on that subject. That's how I taught my self photography nearly 4 years ago. Nearly everything I know about photography has been through You Tube videos, and probably 5 You Tube channels to date that I have watched and learnt from which I will list towards the end of this blog.

The downside of You Tube and photography tutorials is I find there are far too many of them now. It seems some people who enjoy photography decided to make their own You Tube tutorial videos, and without sounding horrible when I say this, but the majority of them are not very good.

I am a You Tuber myself who vlogs my photography trips, and one thing I had to make sure people knew if they read the "About Me" section on my channel is that my videos are not tutorials. My videos are simply vlogs of my days out with my camera taking landscapes, events/festivals and try to document my trips so others can watch and see how I take my photography. I like to give the viewer some POV footage so they can see things from my POV when I am taking photos, and  I also like to share with my viewers the camera settings and exif data of the photos I take. I also use my You Tube channel as another way of advertising my photography, website and social media.

Below are my top 5 You Tube photography tutorial channels:

Number 1

Mike Browne


Number 2

Gavin Hoey


Number 3

Mark Wallace


Number 4

Adorama TV


Number 5

Jared Polin (Fro Knows Photo)



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