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Wings and Wheels 2016 - Beverley Airfield.

August 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

On Saturday 20th August, Beverley Airfield hosted an event called "Wings and Wheels" which was to celebrate 25 years of the airfield and the day would also include static displays of 40's vintage cars, motorcycles, tractors and a static Spitfire and Messerschmitt. The air display would feature the BBMF, Rapide, Harvard, Westland Scout, Search and Rescue Helicopter, Parachute drop and RC Models. There was also going to be some information about the Amy Johnson festival which is running till early September.

I arrived as I normally do to these types of events too early, just after 08.30am.  The weather when I arrived wasn't looking good, dark clouds, rain and winds. I waited in the car for a little while and then went for a walk to see what was on display, which wasn't alot as they were still setting up.

It was advertised on the flyer that from 9am to 11am there would be arrivals of aircraft taking part at the airfield. Unfortunately I didn't see any aircraft land, only one take off. So I used the time I had to start taking some photos and recording some video footage for my vlog. The first shot of the day was of the T6 Harvard "Wacky Wabbit" as seen below.

One thing I would say about the layout of the event is that it could have had more thought on where things would go. It was too spread out over the airfield. At first I thought it was because not all the displays and stalls had arrived, but during the day only a few more vintage cars arrived. In one of the hangers you had stalls selling models, pleasure flights, information about Amy Johnson and the festival as well as a small stage which I believe was for the evening party for VIP members. So with not much set up it made for a long wait for the airshow to begin. One thing I did like was the set up for the crowd line. It was nice and long, plenty of space and good view of the grass run way and taxy way for getting some nice shots of any aircraft taking off.

In the far corner at the end of the crowd line was the pleasure helicopter flight. This seemed to be really busy, and what surprised me was the prices and how many people were paying it, just for a 5 minute flight. Even a pleasure flight in the T6 Harvard (pictured above) for 20 minutes was £320.00.

  • Helicopter returning after taking people on a pleasure flight.

As it got nearer the start of the airshow, there was no change in the wind. I then heard a message from the commentator saying they had just received a phone call from the BBMF based at RAF Coningsby to inform them that they would not be attending as they couldn't take off due to high winds. Even thou this wasn't the news that everyone wanted to hear, most people stayed. At this time only a few people started to leave, either because that is all they came to see, or they thought nothing would fly.

Just after 1pm the Westland Scout helicopter arrived, and before landing did a few moves in the sky along the crowd line. We were told that he was checking to make sure that the wind condition wasn't too strong to perform, and it also gave me a chance to take a few photos.

It was then back to waiting, as I wasn't too sure what was going to be displaying for us because of the weather conditions. At this stage the only aircraft in the sky was the T6 Harvard and Jet Ranger, both were doing pleasure flights. Luckily while waiting I meet a couple of other photographers from a Facebook group I am a member off "Hull Creative Photography Group" and had a chat with them which was nice as it was the first time I had properly meet them outside of Facebook. 

The next main display was the HM Coastguard demo. One of the HM Coastguard Sikosky helicopters (G-MCGH) based at Humberside Airport came to do a mock rescue where they used a pick up truck as a mock boat with a crew member in the back pretending to be the person who needed to be rescued. It was nice to watch this, as it is not often you see this at a airshow. Before the Coastguard took over from the RAF SAR, you used to see the Seaking at certain airshows performing, so it is nice to know that the Coastguard can do the same.

The next display was the T6 Harvard "Wacky Wabbit" and this had to be my favourite. The pilot handled the aircraft so well, especially in the weather conditions. It was nice to see that the new CAA guidelines for airshows hadn't effected this event too much. There was some nice low passes, and some nice top side views of this aircraft as he performed in the sky over the airfield, and he gave us photographers some good opportunities to take some great shots.

It was after this display that I decided to leave, as not only was it I had to be somewhere, but also I wasn't sure what else would be performing in the skies. Even thou they did have speakers set up on site, if you was further down the crowd line you was unable to hear what was being said as there was no speakers. It also didn't help with the wind drowning any voice over the speakers out.

I do feel that the organisation could have been a little better for this event, and there were a few issues. Hopefully this will be a learning curve for the owners of the airfield, and hopefully they will see how popular this event was and hold one each year. It is a great venue for an event like this, and it would be a shame not to hold future ones. 

To view other photos I took from the event visit my Facebook page by clicking here, and you can watch my vlog below. Please feel free to like and subscribe to my You Tube channel, thank you.


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