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Skidby Windmill Sunrise.

July 06, 2016  •  1 Comment

On the morning of 27th June 2016, I decided to go out and capture a sunrise image as it has been weeks if not months since I last photographed a sunrise. The location for the sunrise was Skidby Windmill. I have had this location in my mind for some time now, but I have had to wait until this time of the year as the shot depended on the location of the sun as it started to rise.

I left the house at 03.50am and arrived at 04.03am, and sunrise was due at 04.46am. One of the good things about going out to capture a sunrise is the lack of traffic on the road, so it was nice to drive without getting stressed :).

Once I had got to my spot where I wanted to set up I couldn't believe how the cloud had suddenly rolled in. There were even a few light spots of rain in the air. I wasn't going to be put off, I was still going to take some photos and make the most of my situation.

So at 04.22am, I took my first image of the morning, and considering the cloud cover, I was happy with the image.

  • 1-second exposure @ f/11, ISO 100.

With my second image, I decided to take a long exposure using a 10 stop ND filter, to capture the movement of the clouds, as well as the movement of the small blades on the back of the windmill.

  • 2 minute exposure @ f/11 ,10 stop ND filter, ISO 400.

After taking a few long exposure shots, I noticed that to the left of the windmill there was a gap in the clouds, and some colour was starting to break through. So I set up for a different composition and at 04.46am started to take some more long exposure shots.

  • 32 second exposure @ f/10, ISO 400, 28mm

After taking a series of shots, it looked like that was going to be the only sun I would see in the sky during this shoot. I started to pack away my camera when I turned round and notice the field behind me and the possiblity of a photo to be captured. I walked over to the edge of the filed I was in and set  my camera back up  on the tripod to frame up for the shot. It was a simple scene, two tracks in the field leading you to the tree in the background.

  • 04.59am, shutter speed 0.3sec @ f/18, ISO 100, 200mm

As I was taking the last image I noticed the sun appear on the field and when I looked around I could see that the sky had cleared up and the sun was shinning through the clouds. The typical scenario had happened. You wait ages for the shot, doesn't look like it is going to happen and change compostition and location. Then as soon as you are all set up in your new location, the weather changes and you have to quickly set back up in your first location. This is exactly what happened to me when taking the photo above.

So at 5.12am I was set up in my orginal location, camera on the tripod and composition set, ready for the sunrise I went to capture.

  • 5.12am, shutter speed 30 sec exposure, @f/22, ISO 100, 18mm.

I only had to wait just over 10 minutes for my last shot of the morning when the sun was above the trees and the rays of the sun started to cover areas of the field I was in. This image also made me start thinking about lens flare. Normally I try not to have lens flare in my images, or I use Photoshop to remove them. But in this image I kept them in as I felt it was a good way of showing how powerful the sun is.

5.24am shutter speed 1/160, @f/22, ISO 100, 18mm.












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Absolutely Awesome Photography..i am still learning..you are a great inspiration...
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