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EYTCC 48th East Coast Run

June 19, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

On Sunday 12th June, EYTCC (East Yorkshire Thoroughbred Car Club) held their annual East Coast Run from East Park in Hull, to Sewerby Fields near Bridlington. During the morning all the vehicles taking part are on display at  East Park, and at 11am they start to leave East Park and follow a special route up the east coast of Yorkshire, arriving at Sewerby Fields where they will be back on display for members of the public.

This year I wanted to try something a little different. Rather than visiting East Park to photograph the vehicles, I decided to park up on route and take some panning shots as they drove past. After that I drove up to Sewerby to have a look around the displays for some close up static shots.

As the vehicles were due to leave at 11am, I left my house around 10.15am to give some time to get to my location, and also incase other people had the same idea or were wanting to watch them drive past and parking became an issue. Well I didn't have to worry about parking. The location I had planned was full of people backing to leave the EU. So I had to make other arrangements and find another suitable place to take photos. Luckily that wasn't a problem as less than a couple of miles further up the A165 Bridlington Road was a place to park on the other side of the road. The people who were using my original location had done me a massive favour, as this new location turned out to be better.

Just after 11.30am I started to notice some of the vehicles that had left East Park driving past, so I took my position at the side of the road, camera in hand, with my Sony Cybershot attached to the hotshoe of my Canon so I could record some POV footage for my vlog. I began taking some photos.

The camera settings I used for the panning were:

  • Shutter Priority Mode
  • Shutter Speed 1/160
  • ISO 400
  • Shooting Mode : AI Servo
  • High Speed Shooting
  • Single Point Focus

Because of my location at the side of the road, before taking any photos I had work out the zoom I would be using, so when the vehicles were directly in front of me at the point I wanted to capture the motion, the zoom wouldn't be too zoomed in so it would chop off some of the vehicle. With the first few vehicles I did some test shots, until I found the zoom range I would need to be in when panning. With this all set I was ready to take photos. As I saw the vehicle approach from the left, I would aim my centre focal square over the vechile and use the back focus button on my camera. As the vehicle continued to travel I would keep the back focus button pressed, and as the camera was in AI Servo the focus would keep tracking the vehicle while in frame. I would then follow the vehicle while panning the camera from left to right. As the vehicle got closure I would start taking a series of shots keeping my movement in time to the vehicle as it drove past. The most shots I would take while panning would be eight, and hoping that one shot out of the eight would be sharp, and produced the blurred background to show movement.

Panning isn't a easy process and can take alot of practice and good timing to get the perfect image.

Failed attempt.


The reason this photo is a fail is because I wasn't quick enough at panning. I was too slow, hence cutting the front of the motorcycle from the frame.

Perfect result.

So in the photo above, everything was spot on. The number and other writing on the car is sharp and readable, the driver is sharp and I have also captured the blurred background and blurred wheels showing motion. This was created with the zoom being at the correct distance from where the car would pass me, and also making sure I panned in time as the vehicle passed me.

The only down side to taking some photos from my location was that every now and then I would just start taking the shots, when a vehicle would be travelling the opposite way and pass me just as the vehicle I wanted to photograph would just be in frame. 

The morning was a success and I managed to get a few good panning shots. You can view these by clicking here.

So after spending the morning taking some panning shots, I drove up to Sewerby Fields near Bridlington to take some static and close up shots. I arrived at Sewerby Fields just before 1pm, parked up and then joined the long que at the pay machine. After waiting what seemed like forever due to people having problems with the machine, I made my way down onto the fields to have a good look round the vehicles on display.

Vintage truck.

To view the photos I took at Sewerby Fields click here.

You can also watch my vlog from the day below, and please subscribe to my channel so you can be updated on my new videos.




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