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"Just Jane" Night Shoot - Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre.

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On the 9th April 2016 I attended my second TimeLine Event which saw me return to the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre in East Kirkby for another night shoot featuring "Just Jane" NX611 Lancaster Bomber and a cast of re-enactors who were dressed up in costume to help recreate scenes from WW2.

The event started at 5.15pm with a safety briefing by Neil Cave from TimeLine Events, but we were allowed to visit during the day to make the most of what the museum had to offer. I arrived just after 3pm, and spent the time before the event taking some photos of re-enactors and also speaking to fellow photographers.

"Just Jane" NX611 Lancaster Bomber.



As closing time approached for the museum, the normal paying public had started to leave, and the museum staff were busy preparing for the night ahead. Certain museum vehicles were positioned around the grounds to be used to create different scenes during the night, and the biggest task was to turn the Lancaster Bomber around and position her ready for the main event. You can watch the staff do this in my vlog.

At the start of the event we had our safety talk from Neil Cave from TimeLine Events, who also explained the running order for the night. We were then let loose with our cameras and tripods. The taxi run from the Lancaster was due to start at 6.30pm so we had plenty of time before that to get some good photos with the re-enactors with the Lancaster and also the museum fire engine. Just before 6.30pm the museum staff were busy preparing and towing the Lancaster out onto the grass ready to start her engines. Once the Lancaster was taxiing away from us, we was allowed to line up at the edge of the pan and enjoy watching and taking photos of this iconic aircraft as she did figures of eight in front of us. 

Lancaster Taxi Run.

For the rest of the evening we had a few scenes set up around the museum, and they were:

  • Lancaster with air and ground crew
  • Fire engine with fire crew
  • Mobile canteen van with air and ground crew
  • Bus with some ground and air crew

So during the time up until 9.30pm when the Lancaster engine run was due, we had plenty to keep photographing and enjoy. With each scene, different poses would be made by the re-enactors giving us the opportunity to capture some really good images. It was during this time that the weather started to change. Rain had been on the forecast to hit earlier in the evening, but was now due to hit around 9pm. As the evening went on all went well, until the rain started to fall. At the time I thought there was going to be a break from taking photos, as it would not have been fair for the re-enactors to get wet. Luckily the rain wasn't heavy and didn't last long. Below are some photos from the scenes during the evening:

Lancaster and Ground Crew.

Fire Crew Scene.

Mobile Canteen Scene.



So with the engine run fast approaching so were the clouds. As I was standing talking to a fellow photographer while we were waiting for the engine run, it happened again. The rain came. But not like before when it started and within a couple of minutes it had stopped. It must have rained for about 15 minutes. So there I was, in the rain covering my camera, feeling the cold from the wind which also had picked up. The rain stopped, preparations were in full swing for the engine start. Then the moment most of us had been looking forward too, the engine run from the Lancaster's 4 Merlin Engines.

Lancaster Engine Run.

During the engine run it is easy for me to just stand, watch and listen to the sound of those 4 Merlin engines and forget I am there to take photos. Sadly the engine run had to come to an end and the engines were shut down. Almost the end of the evening, and at the end of every event all the re-enactors pose for a group photo in front of the Lancaster. 

Group Photo.

So we had all taken what we thought was our final shot for the night. But then Neil Cave from TimeLine Events told us we had time to try one more scene involving just the 7 airmen re-enactors and the Lancaster.

The idea was to have all 7 re-enactors who would normally have to stand still for us, walk slowly towards us as we took our photos. As we would be using a long shutter speed it would capture the movement from them as they walked towards us. This was repeated over and over again with the re-enactors walking towards us, away from us and across from both sides of the Lancaster. Below is the image I took from this, and my final image from the evening.


As well as taking photos during the evening, I was also filming some POV photography footage as well as some video footage from the event. This can be found below:

All the images I took from the evening can be found by clicking here.

If you would like to know more about TimeLine Events please visit their website by clicking here.

More information about The Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre and Just Jane can be found on their website by clicking here.

A big thank you to all at TimeLine Events, The Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Museum and the re-enactors for making the evening possible. 






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