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Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

March 28, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

As the weather on Good Friday was nice I decided to visit Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster. This would be my third visit to the park, and if I am honest my last visit, as my visit was very poor.  The majority of the park was like a building site with JCB diggers, builders vans and messy fenced off areas. This was the reason why I never took many photos, as the majority of shots would have had all the building work in the background. I do understand that places like this do have to update their park and upgrade their animal enclosures for the welfare of the animals, and also to introduce new exhibits to the park. But it just seemed that the owners were having all the work done at the same time, while keeping the park open and charging people to walk around it. I did manage to take some photos, so my trip to the Wildlife Park wasn't a total waste of time.

Polar Bears at "Project Polar".

Amur Tigers at "Land of the Tigers".

Lion Country.

My overall score for Yorkshire Wildlife Park is 2/10. Sadly I don't see this park ever being completed, as each time I have been there has been building works, with my recent visit being the worst. 

If you have never been to Yorkshire Wildlife Park before and would like to go, visit their website by clicking here.




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