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Handley Page Halifax Mk III - Night Shoot

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On the evening of 18th March 2016 I took part in my second Time Line Event at Yorkshire Air Museum along with 70 other photographers. I arrived just after 4pm and the event wasn't due to start until 5.15pm, but we were allowed entry to the museum before the event started. On arrival I noticed that there were already a number of photographers on site taking photos of the re-enactors who were dressed up. With over an hour till the start of the event I used this time to take some photos myself of the re-enactors and exhibits around the museum, as well as recording some video footage for my You Tube vlog.

At 5.15pm all the photographers had to meet in the NAAFI so we could have our safety briefing from the Ops Manager from the museum, as well as from Neil Cave from Time Line Events. This briefing was basically telling us all about the running order for the evening, areas we were allowed to be in and areas we were not allowed to be in. 

The first part of the evening would be focused around the Halifax Mk III bomber and re-enactors while the staff from the museum and Time Line Events would be setting up the lights, and preparing the aircraft that would be performing a engine run. This gave me the opportunity to grab some nice shots of the re-enactors next to and in front of the Halifax bomber. The few issues I had during this part of the night was that because there were 70 photographers, sometimes it was difficult to take a clean shot without another photographer being in shot, unless the re-enactors were behind the roped off area making it easier as the majority of us would make sure we wasn't getting in another photographers shot. But sadly I still found there were a few of them there that night who didn't really think about others. 

The Brave Return.

Halifax Bomber and CrewHalifax Bomber and CrewPhoto from a Time Line Event at Yorkshire Air Museum near York.

A little later the museum staff removed the rope from the exhibit SE.5A which is a replica ground running Pre World War Two aircraft. This gave us the chance of going between the two aircraft taking photos before the engine runs from the SE.5A and the Dakota between 19.00-20.00. I also used the time before the Dakota engine run to return to the NAAFI to warm up and claim my free burger. During the evening we was entitled to a free burger or hot dog along with a free hot drink. Because I do not drink tea or coffee I had to purchase a cold drink as well as some chips to go with my burger. I was shocked that a portion of chips and can of coke came to £3.00!


SE.5aSE.5aSE.5a Pre World War Two plane at Yorkshire Air Museum.

After my quick stop in the NAAFI I headed back to the Halifax bomber to take some more photos of the re-enactors with the aircraft. As it was now darker the mood had changed. I spent some time with the re-enactors taking plenty of photos while making sure not to get in any other photographers shot. That was one of the things I had to be careful with as it got dark. There was also the first of two engine runs from the SE.5A.

As the area around the Halifax bomber was getting crowded I decided to take up position near the Dakota, as they were starting to prepare the aircraft for the engine run, and this gave me a good starting location. The engine run would last for about 10 minutes so we had plenty of time to move about and get different angles of the Dakota during the engine run, and the two locations I took photos from I was very happy with the results. To watch a video I filmed of the Dakota night time engine run click here.

Douglas Dakota IV C-47B Engine Run.

Douglas Dakota IV C-47BDouglas Dakota IV C-47BNight engine run taken at Yorkshire Air Museum during a Time Line Photography event.

Once the engines on the Dakota had shut down, we had sometime to take some photos of the Halifax bomber on it's own as it was lit up by spot lights creating some great photographic opportunites while the re-enactors were having a break. We were now into out last hour of the evening. After a short while the re-enactors returned to the Halifax bomber, for some final photographs to be taken, as well a have their group photo taken. 

Female air crew.

Lonely Halifax.

After the group photo was taken and some of the photographers were leaving, myself and a few of the other photographers used this opportunity to take some photos of the Nimrod, Harrier and Handley Page Victor K.2 against the night sky. It is not often that you have the chance to take photos of these aircraft at night in a air museum.

Harrier and Nimrod.

To view all the photos I took from this event, please click here.

Below you can watch my vlog from the evening:

To find out more about Time Line Events visit their website at www.timelineevents.org


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