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The Red Arrows Winter Training.

February 24, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

On Monday 22nd February I decided to visit RAF Scampton after looking at the weather forecast and thought I would make the most of the weather and sky conditions and take some photos of the Red Arrows during their two morning practice sessions. I arrived just before 8.00am and the weather wasn't how it was forecast. On arrival the base had low cloud cover so it was 50/50 if I would take any photos. I waited for an hour for the first practice. Luckily by the time they went up for the 9.00am practice the weather had improved slightly. For their second practice at 11.30am the weather had yet again improved. This visit also gave me the opportunity to test out a new gadget I had bought. I recently bought a action camera which can be mounted to the top of my camera so as I am taking photos it will also record the action. I will also be using it on future blogs and photography trips to help document my photography and how I see things from my camera POV before and during taking the photos.

The camera was from my local B&M store and was only £19.99 with the following features:

  • 5.0 Mega Pixel CMOS Sensor
  • HD Video 720p
  • Aperture = f.3
  • Screen Size 1.7 inch

Video footage from my "intempo" can be watched below:

After getting home and reviewing the video footage from the "intempo" I wasn't really impressed. Yes it was a cheap camera to begin with but in my opinion I do not think it was worth £19.99 and you could probably buy some better quality cameras second hand for around the same price on the internet. 

My review of the "intempo" action camera is that if you was after a basic camera to use for cycling, or perhaps to only record video without the need to have sound, then this would be ideal for you. As you heard in the video the sound recorded isn't very good quality, and for me this is an issue as it will be used mainly for my aviation photography, while also using it to record commentary while out shooting.

Higher quality images from the video can be found below as Windows Movie Maker doesn't do the final images justice in the video.





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