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Roller Skates

February 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Every month the admins of Hull Creative Photography Facebook group set a theme, and the winner of that month's theme has their photo as the Facebook group banner for the next month. February's theme is #transport. You can submit as many photos of the theme during the month, and rather than keep posting similar images of trains, planes, or bikes I tried to think of something different. It was while I was sat at my PC I looked down at the floor and saw my old roller skates. This gave me an idea and the opportunity to try some more off flash photography with colour gels.

Once I had set the shot up, I positioned the gels just in front of the skates either side out of shot. I then got onto the floor so the skates were eye level and proceeded to take a test shot. Few little changes made to the flash settings and took another test shot. I was ready to carry on taking some more photos. During taking the photos I swapped the flashes around so I had several images with the blue gel on the left and red gel on the right and then visa versa.

After taking about 25 photos, I went onto the PC and found my favourite:

The settings I used for this shot were as follows:

  • Manual mode
  • Manual focus
  • f/11
  • Shutter speed 1/200 (which is the fastest sync shutter speed for my camera with off camera flash)
  • Radio trigger
  • 2 off camera flash guns (both set to manual and at 1/4 power)


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