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The Vulcan Experience

December 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

On Tuesday 20th December I decided to drive down to Robin Hood Airport in Doncaster as The Vulcan Experience were holding a open day where you could have a look around their hanger and the Vulcan for free.

Finding the hanger was a mission, as I had all the directions but when I got to the airport the way I had planned was closed off with gates. After driving around and many turns in the road later I found the correct road, and eventually found the hanger and car park. 

Once inside you were greeted with XH558 in the middle, and on one side of the hanger you had their shop where you could buy many Vulcan related items, a PC simulator  (which I had ago on before leaving) with the Vulcan, and a bar. On the other side of the hanger was a stall selling mince pies and mulled wine, and a seating area which looked like a place where staff gave visitors talks and a slide show of the Vulcan Bomber and their role in the Falklands War. Behind the Vulcan just to the side was a Supermarine Swift WK275.

Supermarine Swift WK275

If I am honest I thought there was going to be more stalls in the hanger as earlier in December they held a Christmas Market and I thought it was going to be the same type of thing on the evening I went. But I still had a good evening having a look around and getting up close with the Vulcan. The good thing about when I arrived was inside the hanger wasn't very busy so you could get some nice shots of the Vulcan without too many people around her.

XH558 Avro Vulcan

Altogether I spent just over an hour looking around and taking a few photos as well as filming some video footage. Before leaving I had a quick look around their shop to see what kind of merchandise was on offer. There was a nice large scale Corgi Model of a Vulcan but the price was a little out my price range. I did enjoy my visit and you can't complain as the event was free. I am looking forward to when they move to a new home and are able to host special fast taxi runs and engine runs. Once you have heard the howl from the Vulcan's engines, you will never forget it!

If you have never been to The Vulcan Experience and would like to go, or thinking about going you can find out more by visiting their website:




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