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Illuminated Abbey

November 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

On Friday 28th October I visited Whitby Abbey as it was part of a four nightly event called "Illuminated Abbey" The original plan was to visit during the day to take photos, and then attend the evening event to capture the Abbey illuminated and also take some photos of the event. Sadly this wasn't going to be the case due to price for the event as well as being charged entry to the Abbey and the grounds. So instead, after my very short visit to the Abbey I waited till 6pm when the  event was due to start, so I could see if I could take any photos outside the perimeter wall.

6pm arrived and the Abbey was illuminated, and the sky was cloudy but were perfect for the image I was hoping to capture. I found my space along the perimeter wall, and took a few test shots. Now the only problem I had at the spot I had chosen was the wall. I was unable to get high enough to clear the wall so I could have just the Abbey in frame. After taking a few more shots I realised that this was in fact adding to the composition as foreground.  

I took a few more test shots and knew there was something missing from the shot. I then used my head torch I was wearing to start light painting the wall in the foreground. Bingo, this is what was missing from the composition. Well, that is what I was thinking when I saw the image on the LCD screen on the camera, but not when I got back home.

The trouble I had when editing the photo below, was that the wall seemed to be a little too distracting to the eye, and took you away from the main subject which was the Abbey. So an easy solution to this problem was to darken down the wall using a few tools in Photoshop, resulting in the final image I was happy with, and which you can see below.

Whitby Abbey - Illuminated Abbey 28th October 2016



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