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Yorkshire Air Museum Gulf War Veterans - Time Line Event Photo Shoot.

October 24, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

On the evening of 14th October 2016, I attended another Time Line Event held at the Yorkshire Air Museum in Elvington, near York. This was going to be over 4 hours of photography, mainly night photography at the museum with the help of 3 re-enactors, a Nimrod MR2, Blackburn Buccaneer S.2B, Handley Page Victor K.2, Fairey Gannet AEW3 and off course the team from The Yorkshire Air Museum and Time Line Events.

The equipment I was using during the night was my Canon 7D with my Tamron 18mm-200mm lens, my Sony Cybershot compact camera for POV footage, a Panasonic HD video camera to film my vlog and a tripod.

The event was due to start with a briefing held in the NAFFI around 17.15, and the photography to begin at 17.30. As I normally do with these events I arrived a couple of hours before it was due to start at 15.15 as I wanted to have a look around the museum, take some photos and hopefully there was going to be the possiblity that some of the re-enactors were already at the museum. 

Panavia Tornado GR4

With all of us photographers in the NAAFI, Neil from Time Line Events proceeded with the evenings brief and what was going to be happening during the night, which also involved some playing about with some colour lights and some smoke machines. With the briefing over it was back out to the grounds of the museum to the Handley Page Victor to photograph the re-enactors while waiting for it to get dark.

Re-enactors with the Victor

Unfortunately the weather didn't produce a sunset for us so we couldn't capture any sunset shots, so while we waited for it to get dark we had opportunities to take photos of the re-enactors with the Handley Page Victor. While this was going on the TLE staff and museum staff were also setting up lights, and making the Nimrod MR2 ready for some more scenes for us photographers. 

Museum staff creating a scene with the Nimrod

The evening was going well and I was getting some good shots, and is was time for the TLE team to transform the Victor while the re-enactors were having a break, and the team from TLE did this with the use of lights, and not just one colour but several colours helping to create some fantasitc photo opportunities that you would never normally be able to capture. It started with red, then after we had taken a few images Neil from TLE started to change the colour on each light. This wasn't to everyones liking as I over heard some photographers behind me. I managed to get a few good shots, and it was time to move over to the Bucanneer and Gannet and take some more photos with the re-enactors while we waited for the smoke machines to warm up.

Handley Page Victor Illuminated

We had a little time before the re-enactors were ready at the Buccaneer, so it was a perfect opportunity to capture some nice photos of the Buccanner and Gannet. These can be found in the main gallery by clicking here.

Two of the re-enactors joined us while the third went over to the Nimrod. I spent a while taking some photos with the re-enactors posing with the Buccaneer. In between shots I couldn't keep my eyes of the Victor as I could see that the smoke machines were starting to come alive and the Victor was being surrounded by smoke. I took a few more photos at the Buccaneer before making my way back to the Victor.

Re-enactors with Buccanner

The Victor was now back lit, and had two smoke machines either side surrounding the bomber in smoke. Unfortunately every now and then one of the smoke machines failed to produce enough smoke, and then the wind would carry what smoke there was away from the Victor as quicky as it was being produced.

I had to wait patiently when I returned to the Victor as there was already a group taking photos, and I really wanted to take some while at the front, and in my current posisition I was able to capture the photo I wanted. I was able to take a few close up photos, but I really wanted the wide angle shots. I didn't have to wait too long before a space became avaliable so I quickly took that space and this is where I am glad I wore my knee pads. I took a few test shots making sure my focus was correct and sharp as I didn't want to get home and find all the images I was about to take were soft, or worse un useable. I proceeded to take shot after shot, so when I was back home I was guaranteed a perfect photo I was happy with.

I could then see out the corner of my eye that the museum staff were approaching the Victor so I knew it was going to be the time for the aircraft lights to be switched on. They started to APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) which nearly chocked us all with the diesel fumes due to the wind, but it was all worth it. Once in the cockpit, the member of staff switched on the  lights on the wings, and then switched on the beacon light which they used to warn ground crew that the engines were either about to be turned on, or that they were already running.

As before I took loads more photos as I knew the lights wouldn't be on for a long time, and also the smoke was fading fast as some photographers wanted to capture the Victor without the smoke, but also capture it with the lights on. Happy with what I had captured I moved away from the front to let some other people have the chance to take some photos from the position I was in.

Handley Page Victor with lights on and smoke.

It wasn't long after taking the above image that the night came to an end. Even thou the event had finished we were allowed a little longer to take some photos if we wanted too before the museum staff had to start locking up for the night. I decided to call it a night and pack up my gear and head home.

If you would like to see the photos I took from the event you can do so by click here.

If you would be interested in attending a Time Line Event or if you would like to find out more about them please visit their website as I truly recommend going on one of their events. They are open to all levels of photographer and the staff are always very helpful. Their website is www.timelineevents.org

If you would like to watch a vlog of my time at this event, you can do so by clicking here where you will be taken to my You Tube channel. You can like and subscribe to my channel so you will not miss any of my videos.



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