Martin Fuge Photography: Blog en-us (C) Martin Fuge Photography (Martin Fuge Photography) Thu, 28 Apr 2022 21:55:00 GMT Thu, 28 Apr 2022 21:55:00 GMT Martin Fuge Photography: Blog 120 80 Lancaster Bomber Just Jane - Sunset & Night Shoot April 2022 On Friday 22nd April 2022, I return to The Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre in East Kirkby for an evening and night time photoshoot with their Lancaster Bomber, organised by Timeline Events.

The main event started at 17:30hrs, but photographers taking part were allowed to arrive early and spend some time looking around the centre and taking some photos.

Below are two images showing the Lancaster Bomber with two Peugeot cars. The first image is the original, and the second image features added sky from Photoshop. The sun was out with the skies above blue, but this lacked detail. To make the image interesting to the viewer was the reason the second image was published.









The event started with a short briefing by Neil from Timeline Events which consisted of health and safety rules and what would be happening during the evening and night. 

The photography started with photo opportunities with the Lancaster sitting on the grass in the bathing sun, then the re-enactors with the Lancaster and crew bus.









It was then time for the first engine run of the evening.

After the first engine run, we only had a short amount of time left as the sun was setting to capture some images with the crew and Lancaster Bomber.









With all the warm light from the setting sun gone, we used the remaining time left with daylight to capture more images with the re-enactors and Lancaster. 

During the twilight blue hour, it was time for the second engine run of the evening.

The remainder of the evening featured a couple of static scenarios with the re-enactors featuring the crew bus and mobile canteen wagon. There was also the opportunity to capture some night time static shots of the Lancaster.

Before the end of the night, there was one more opportunity to take some images of the  Lancaster with the crew walking away from us and then back towards us. I used this opportunity to create an image representing a ghostly crew.

To view all images taken during the photo shoot, please click here.



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My First Visit to Whitby Goth Weekend - April 2022 After many years of missing out on this event, I finally visited the Whitby Goth Weekend in April 2022. This event ran from 22nd - 24th April 2022 around the town of Whitby in North Yorkshire.

My visit was on Saturday 23rd of April. I knew these events got very busy, but I still wasn't prepared for how busy it was on the day. 

We were lucky with glorious sunshine on the day, but this made it very difficult for photography due to bright highlights and shade. I also found it tricky to photograph people taking part due to reflections in shop windows and other road signs in the shot. 

As this was my first visit to the event, I used it for practice which would help me when I return for the next event. 

 Thank you to everyone who let me take their photo on the day, and below are some of the images I took.




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Newark Air Museum Photography Night Shoot 2022 After an absence of 3 years, I am back at Newark Air Museum for another nighttime photography shoot. I was last here for an event like this in March of 2019. 

I arrived at the museum before the event was due to start so I could have a walk around and capture some images during the afternoon. Because the weather was nice and sunny, there wasn't much detail in the sky during the afternoon. Most of the photos I took featured a blue sky with harsh light. To make the final images more interesting, I used a feature in Photoshop called "Sky Replacement".

Below are the before and after images.









The photography event was due to start when the museum had closed to the public at 17:00hrs. We would then have 45 minutes before a briefing to have something to eat, move our vehicles from the car park to a parking area behind one of the hangars, and walk around the museum taking some more photos.

After the briefing, we had the opportunity to capture some images of static aircraft during sunset. 

There were four aircraft to feature during the photoshoot with re-enactors. They were the Wessex Helicopter, Lockheed T-33, Dove and Mig-27. During my time at the event, I only took part in photographing the Wessex Helicopter shoot. 

Below are a couple of images from the photoshoot with the re-enactors.









It was back to the Lockheed T-33 next as they had switched on the lamps to illuminate the aircraft where I took the opportunity to take some images as there was still a hint of colour in the sky from the setting sun.


After taking the above photo, I  decided to walk around the museum grounds as I wanted to find some other aircraft to photograph. It was due to other photographers staying to photograph the T-33 with a re-enactor.

It was getting darker on the museum grounds with blue hour fast approaching. It was time to photograph some static aircraft against the blue sky and try some light painting.








Sadly I had to leave a couple of hours before the event had finished. I did miss out on a few other staged scenarios and photo opportunities.

If you would like to watch a POV BTS video from my visit, you can do so by clicking here.



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Murdoch's Connection - A New Bridge In Hull 2021. There's a new bridge in Hull and is bringing people out and it's called "Murdoch's Connection". They started at the end of 2018 and finally opened in 2021. It is one thing along the A63 Castle Street to help ease the traffic chaos.

On the evening of 6th March, I visited the bridge to see what photos I could take and look for future compositions when all the building work is complete.

I came out at night as I wanted to capture the bridge as it illuminated its colour changing lights. I also wanted to capture an image of the bridge that I haven't seen published yet on social media.

I started at the Marina looking for compositions due to people on the bridge. I spotted a nice reflection in the water, but sadly a traffic cone had been discarded into the water.

Keeping along the side of the Marina,  I still wanted to find compositions that, at the time of filming I hadn't seen before. I found an image I liked which involved using a mooring as foreground interest and capturing the reflection of the bridge in the water.

Before walking up onto "Murdoch's Connection", I found a couple of compositions next to the road. Using another mooring and part of a wall as some foreground interest, I waited as some traffic drove under the bridge. Because I was taking a long exposure image, this created some nice light trails.

Standing on the bridge, I took a series of images looking across the walkway towards Princes Quay and captured the different colour changing lights.

My final composition of the evening involved using the path leading up to the bridge next to Princes Quay shopping centre. Using the path as a leading line, which was illuminated with side lighting, took the viewers eye up towards the start of the bridge. This is a composition I also wanted to capture before the trees that they had planted grew too big, and this composition may not be possible in the future, or it would have a different look completely.





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It Finally Snowed In East Yorkshire - February 2021 On Tuesday 9th February, something happened that doesn't often happen here in East Yorkshire, snow!  I woke up to a covering of snow.  Perfect photography conditions. We also had plenty of heavy snow falling throughout the morning.

It was a perfect opportunity to take some winter photos while out for my daily walk. My walk was at Beverley Westwood in East Yorkshire. As I arrived just after sunrise the sky was starting to show some colour.

Beverley WestwoodBeverley Westwood I started my walk following the footpath through the snow looking for my next composition involving a bench.

Beverley WestwoodBeverley Westwood I continued my walk further on Beverley Westwood as the snow started to fall, this time quite heavily, which was great for photography. It wasn't long before I came across a large tree standing alone covered in snow. I had to take this image quickly as my camera was getting wet from all the snowfall.

The sun was back out with blue sky when I had returned to my car. I found another composition featuring the road leading out of Beverley Westwood and some trees with warm light from the sun striking them.

Beverley WestwoodBeverley Westwood




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Christmas Lights in the City of Hull 2020 Photography around this time of year means one thing, Christmas lights. I wanted to photograph the Christmas lights in Hull city centre and this year I wanted to go out late at night to capture an empty city centre.

What made it even more of a treat was the weather, fog.

With my Go Pro strapped to my chest to record some POV footage, I headed to "Queen Victoria Square" as I wanted to photograph City Hall.

I wasn't planning to photograph the Christmas Tree this year, but with the foggy conditions, I had some nice defused light behind the tree.

Another area I wanted to photograph was "Whitefriargate". A few nights previous I'd taken a snapshot on my phone and uploaded to my Instagram account. This time I wanted to capture an image on my camera.

There was only one more area I wanted to visit to see if the lights were on and that was Humber Street near the Marina.



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Landscape Photography Capturing A Sunset - At Fraisthorpe Windfarm With the UK still on lockdown, I decided to re-edit and re-upload a YouTube photography vlog that I made in 2017. The video was filmed at Fraisthorpe Windfarm in East Yorkshire not far from Fraisthorpe beach.

Wind turbines are like Marmite where some people like them, while other people hate them. In this photoshoot, it was more the sky that I wanted to capture, rather than the wind turbines.

Before even taking my first image with a wind turbine, I had found a nice little landscape scene.

The sky during the evening gave me a few opportunities to capture some lovely sunset images with moody clouds.









After taking images, I did venture down to the beach to see if I could capture anything there. But that didn't happen. So I drove to Flamborough to capture images featuring the lighthouse.


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Photography Locations On The NYMR Grosmont to Goathland You Tube Vlog. On Sunday 9th of August 2020 I visited the North York Moors Railway (NYMR) for the first time this year to take some photos of the trains as they travel along the line. 

Sadly like most places this year they haven't been able to open like they normally do. They were due to open the line to the public in April but with what was going on in the world they had to remain closed. On Saturday 1st August 2020 they started to run passenger trains, but were limited services. They would be running two services, Pickering to Levisham non stop return and Grosmont to Goathland non stop return.

I decided to visit the Grosmont to Goathland section, as this is an uphill section of track and the steam locomotives have to work really hard, and they can produce some great smoke which looks good in photos.

The railway would be running 4 trains, the first one leaving Grosmont at 09.30am then every 2 hours until the last train at 03.30pm. 


Darnholme can be a very popular location for photographers and videographers due to the curve of the line and the ability to be able to have some nice high points of view of the line. This area is very limited in parking and is best arriving early in the morning. If you are unable to park, you may have to either park in the main car park and walk, or find a suitable and legal place to park along the side of the road. I will direct you from Goathland Station, as once in Goathland this is easy to find. From the station you want to travel west along Cow Wath Bank, passing The Goathland pub on your left, and on your right will be Scripps Garage. Both were famous for featuring in Heartbeat. As you reach the main car park, turn right onto Beck Hole Road and keep driving until you pass Goathland Primary School which will be on your right. You will then want to take the first right pass this school onto Darnholme Lane. 

Once on Darnholme Lane, keep driving to the very end. You will eventually drive over a bridge and then over a FORD. After the FORD on your right is a space for three cars to park. I must warn you that the road is very narrow in some spaces, and can be tricky if vehicles are coming the other way. Also please remember to be courteous to residents and respect there property. I say this as in the past I have seen people just park up blocking gates, entry and exit points and also parking on their property. 

Once parked up you will need to follow the grass path which will lead round to the left away from the Eller Beck. You will come to a group of trees in the middle and a small wooden bridge. Cross this bridge and continue to walk the path towards the railway line boundary. It will start to get over grown and I suggest you wear proper foot wear as even on sunny days this area can still be a little boggy. Keep following the narrow path along the side of the railway line and it will start to go up hill and you will reach some steps. As soon as you arrive at the steps you will see to your left some clearings and this is where I stood for my first location. Yet again this area can be very boggy and uneven so care must be taken. 

There is a second way to get to this area, and that is via Goathland Railway Station. From the railway station you will need to cross over the tracks using the crossing. Once across the tracks and through the gate the other side, there will be some more steps leading off the platform. There will also be a sign post marking the footpath. From here you will need to take the left footpath. I warn you this goes uphill, so can be a challenge for those who find it hard walking up steep hills or steps. Keep following this footpath and eventually it will start to go down hill and you will arrive at the spot where I took the photo. This second route would be more advisable if there was no where to park near by.

Below will be grid reference points that you can type in on Grid Reference Finder and this will also show you where I was stood when taking the photos.

If you haven't used Grid Reference Finder before, once the page is open, on the box on the left type in the X (Easting) and Y (Northing) the following  EASTING 483603, NORTHING 501966 and then click go. This will then show you the location I was standing. I will also include the co-ordinates for all the other areas further in this blog.

Beck Hole Bridge

Beck Hole Bridge was my third location in my You Tube video and this isn't too far from Darnholme. Directing you from Darnholme location you will want to drive back up Darnholme Lane back to the junction. Turn right back onto Beck Hole Road and continue to follow the road. The road will twist and turn and start to go down hill. You will pass a pub on your left called the Birch Hall Inn. Keep driving and the road will start to bend to the right and will climb a steep hill. You will cross a bridge to the railway. Follow the road round to the left and keep driving and you will eventually come to a small area where you can park. Yet again you will need to make sure you park with in the area and not blocking the road. Once parked up, walk back the way you came down the hill back to the bridge. Once on the bridge you can choose any location to stand (making sure you keep yourself safe from vehicles). I was stood at the end of the bridge near a gate to the NYMR.

Grid Reference Finder co-ordinates X (Easting) 482158 , Y (Northing) 502354

Esk Valley

There were two locations in the Esk Valley where I took photos. The location I am about to direct you too was the last location in my video, and like with Beck Hole Bridge is on route to where I took my second photo in the video. From Beck Hole bridge keep following the Beck Hole Road until you reach Cow Wath Bank (which is the main road that takes you into Goathland from the A169). Turn left at this junction and continue until you come to the A169. Turn left onto the A169 and then take the first left onto Fair Head Lane which is sign posted Grosmont and Egton. Keep following the road and all signs for Grosmont. You will eventually drive over the railway crossing at Grosmont station.  Follow the road and you will go underneath a railway bridge with some public toilets on your left.  On the other side of the bridge along the road you will have Grosmont car park on your right. Pass this and keep driving until the road bends slightly to the left over a stone bridge. There are now two options to take. If you don't mind driving through a FORD especially one that can be deep sometimes keep reading. If you do not like driving through a FORD, skip to the text below the photo and I will direct you via the longer way to Esk Valley.

Once through the FORD keep following the narrow road until you come to a give way where you will see a sign post on your right saying Esk Valley. Turn left onto Lease Rigg Lane and continue to drive for about 100-120 metres. On your left you will see an area where you can park and a gate to a farmers field. Do not park and walk away from your vehicle as access to this gate is required 24 hours. Please note you could be asked to move at any time by the owner of the fields, and please be courteous as the owner could easily put a stop to people parking and photographing the trains from this location.

Grid Reference Finder co-ordinates X (Easting) 481957 , Y (Northing) 504638

To get to this location without driving through the FORD, keep driving on the road and continue to follow it as it twists and turns and climbs through the countryside. This will seem like a very long road and that you're driving away from the Esk Valley, but it's the only other way to get there without turning around and going a longer way via Goathland. Eventually you will come to a little village with 30 mph signs and a sign saying Egton Bridge & Goathland (straight ahead) and Whitby and Guisborough (to the right). Follow the road to the left and then at the next give way turn left onto High Street. Keep following this road which will take you through Egton and under another railway bridge with Egton station on your right. Follow the signs for Goathland as you leave Egton and keep looking out for a sign that says Goathland 4, Pickering 15. When you see this turn left and follow the road until you come to another left turn and a sign post saying Esk Valley 1. This will bring you back onto the road that comes out from the FORD.

The final location which was the second location in my video was between Esk Valley and the Grosmont engine sheds. From the location above, continue to drive and take the first left. The road will bend round to the left then the right and you will then see a row of houses and a sign saying "PRIVATE ROAD". Just to the left you will see a dirt track with some parking spaces at the start. Park here and continue to walk down the dirt track and eventually you will come to a gate which says "The North Yorkshire Moors Railway, PRIVATE". This is the location for my second image.

Grid Reference Finder co-ordinates  X (Easting) 482604 , Y (Northing) 504669

I hope this blog has been useful and please feel free to message me with any questions you may have. 

Thank you.

















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An Afternoon at Humberside Airport - RAF A400 ZM403 Touch & Go On wednesday 5th of August, I decided to take a drive to Humberside Airport to see if there was any activity so I could freshen up on my aviation photography skills. It has been a while since I last photographed planes due to no airshows this year. When I arrived, I noticed that one of the HM Coastguard Sikorsky S-92A was being pulled out from the hangar. Not knowing if this was getting ready to take off, I parked up and waited. After about 20 minutes of waiting, the Sikorsky S-92A started it's engines and prepared for take off. On this occasion I decided to film it rather than take any photos. I knew this would be returning at some point during the afternoon and that I could try photographing it then.

When I pulled up near the airport there were a few cars already parked up. It made me wonder if something was going on, as it is normally very quiet. More cars started to arrive as well as more photographers. When I looked up in the sky towards the flight path I saw it, and then knew why it was busy. A Airbus A400M from the RAF was approaching and would be doing a series of "Touch & Go". 

The A400 was flown by Seb Davey, flying instructor and display pilot for Dakota and Lancaster from the BBMF based at RAF Coningsby. We were lucky to see a few loops of the airport which gave me several opportunity to take some photos and also film. Knowing he would be doing a few circuits also gave me the opportunity to try shooting at different shutter speeds. I started at 1/200th sec working my way down to 1/160th sec all the way down to an adventurous 1/50th sec. Sadly all the 1/50th sec shots were too blurred. 

My ISO was set to auto which was programmed from 100 to 400. I was shooting in Shutter Priority mode so I could control the shutter speed. I was also in AI Servo, and shooting at high speed continuous on my Canon 7D. 

Weather wise was also on our side as even thou it was cloudy, we did get some nice sunny spell and blue sky during the "Touch & Go" which helped when taking the images.

Below is a couple of images taken from the afternoon. Both taken with a shutter speed of 1/200th sec.

RAF A400 ZM403RAF A400 ZM403

RAF A400 ZM403RAF A400 ZM403

After the A400M had finished it's exercise, the area went back to normal as everyone started to leave. I waited for the HM Coastguard Sikorsky S-92A to return. During my wait the weather had turned, and dark clouds and rain had developed. It wasn't long before the Coastguard was returning and I had a good view. I did manage to capture a photo as it approached. Sadly due to the sky and light conditions it isn't the best.

Below is a short video I also filmed during my visit.















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Creative Indoor Photography With Off Camera Flash and Coca Cola Glass Bottles. Creative photography indoors has always been popular, and since lock down has been even more popular as most of us photographers haven't been able to get out to take photos.

During lock down I was thinking of an idea, and at the time of writing this blog I don't think I have seen the same, or similar. I am not saying this hasn't been done, but I have yet to find any images the same.

My idea came after drinking from a glass Coca Cola bottle, (other brands are available) and once I had finished I thought to my self, "I could create an image with this bottle". However I went a little bit further and used not one, nor two, but ten glass bottles. 

The idea was to take an image of these bottles using off camera flash. The flash would illuminate the bottles creating an image. But rather than using just the flash, I would add different colour gels to the flash to help create my images.

To create the images I would need the following:

  • Glass bottles
  • Clear piece of glass or plastic to which I would stand the bottles on
  • DVD cases to use to raise the glass or plastic from the table
  • Off camera flash and gels
  • Black back drop


The basic set up for this shoot can be seen in the image below.

All-focus With everything set up I was ready to start taking some photos. The camera was set to manual mode and the shutter speed was set to 1/200th sec, and the aperture was set to f/5.6. The flash would be triggered by using a transmitter attached to camera, and the receiver attached to the bottom of the flash.

Taking a shot directly looking at the bottles didn't work. Apart from the image looking a little boring, I didn't like seeing the glass platform, and I was also capturing the back of the frame.

After a little time, I decided to take the images from a low down point of view looking up. I also tilted the camera to help create a creative looking image. Once I was happy with the results I was getting, I started to add the different colour gels to the flash.

I decided to also try something else using these glass bottles and some glow sticks. This time only using 4 glass bottles lined up, I placed a glow stick in each bottle to see what effect this would have. I wasn't disappointed with the results. I have also had some very positive feedback from the image below.

But my creative side still wasn't happy, and I had one more play about.But this time it was in Photoshop where I added some smoke from a previous photo shoot, and added it to one of the images I took. By carefully blending the two layers together in Photoshop, I created an image where it looks like the smoke is rising out of the bottle.















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An Evening of Photography at Stone Creek. It has been a while since my last blog, and normally there would have been a few blogs by now from events I would have attended. But with what's been happening in the world, all the events I would have gone too have been cancelled.

On 19th May 2020 I decided to take a drive out to Stone Creek which is situated along the bank of the Humber in East Yorkshire. The plan was to go for a walk and get some exercise and then spend a couple of hours taking some photos and seeing if I could capture a sunset image.

On my arrival,I was shocked at how many people there were already at this location. There were cars parked up, and families walking along the grass banks close to the Humber. With this in mind I set up on a little bridge that covers the Ottringham Drain, and looked out towards the Humber. The tide was going out on this evening, so I knew that in a couple of hours the water level would drop, and the boats that were a float would be resting on the muddy bank. With a few clouds in the sky, and water level still quite high I took my first image.

Stone CreekStone Creek

For another image, I wanted to try something different.I managed to find a composition where I used some yellow rapeseed in the foreground with part of a stone wall. Behind that was the boats from the previous image. When taking the image I wasn't too sure how it would work out, but once home and editing the image on the PC I was really happy with it. 

Sunset didn't look like it was going to happen, as the clouds that were in the sky soon disappeared. The hope of any colour in the sky also didn't look promising. I did venture down and stand below the road bridge where I was to begin with, and I did find a composition. The only issue was most of the light had gone and with the scene being dark I had to take multiple exposures and create an HDR image.

Stone CreekStone Creek

After taking the above image, I was about to pack up when I was informed that a P&O ferry was leaving Hull. I thought I would try and capture an image as it passed. For this I returned to higher ground and got my composition ready using one of the boats. The plan was to have that in the image as the ferry passed. The issue I was now faced with was, by the time the ferry would pass my location I would have lost all the light from the setting sun. The area would also be fairly dark. So for this shot I had to use a very high ISO, to have a fast enough shutter speed so the ferry wouldn't be blurred. The image came out ok, but not how I would have like it to have been.






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Photography Locations On The North York Moors  


Image #1

The above image was taken at Falling Foss which is situated south of Littlebeck and east of Fylingdales. Travelling north on the A171 Robin Hood's Bay Road, turn left onto the B1416. You then need to take the second left onto Foss Lane and follow the road down until you reach the car park. From the car park turn left and keep following the path (which is uneven) and you will eventually cross over the bridge in the image. You can then walk down to the water where I took this image, and behind you there is the tea room and the main waterfall.

Image #2

North York MoorsNorth York Moors

This image of the lone tree was taken not too far from Goathland. Travelling north on the A169 take the first entrance for Goathland on the left. Pass the viewing area and keep on driving until you drive over a small bridge, then directly under a bridge over which the NYMR run their trains. As you emerge from underneath the bridge you will pass a lay by on the right, this is one of the locations I park if I am taking photos of the NYMR. When you pass this you will drive over a cattle grid where the road will then bend to the left and you will pass a house on the right. Just before the road bends slightly to the right, you will see the lone tree to your left a few yards away from the road.

Image #3 and #4

North York MoorsNorth York Moors North York MoorsNorth York Moors










The two images above were taken in the same spot and these are easy to find from the lone tree. As you continue on the road where the lone tree was, you will arrive at a mini roundabout. Turn left at this roundabout and simply keep following the road till you come to a cross roads with a sign post on the right saying "ESK VALLEY 1".  Take the left turn and follow the road until you arrive at a closed gate. Open the gate (remembering to close it behind you) and once through the gate drive a few yards and park up at the side of the road. Just before the road re-joins the main road which is called Wheeldale Road you will find the marker posts on your right (image #3) and the signpost on your left (image #4).

Image #5

North York MoorsNorth York Moors


The location of the image above is on Wheeldale Road. Heading south down Wheeldale Road you will find some areas to pull into the side of the road near the bottom before a sharp right hand turn. Be warned that the ground where this image was taken can get boggy and can also be used by cars for a passing point. 

I hope this blog is useful to other photographers who wish to visit the North York Moors for some photography.








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EYTCC 27th Humber Bridge Classics Night. Friday 2nd August 2019 saw another gathering by the EYTCC (East Yorkshire Thoroughbred Car Club) at the Humber Bridge car park in East Yorkshire. Free to the public the gathering would start at 5pm until 9pm with cars arriving and departing throughout the evening.

Weather was dry for the gathering starting cloudy, with the sun eventually breaking through. At this event I decided to stay by the entrance to the car park where the cars would be parked and take some photos of the vehicles arriving.

As with previous gatherings at the Humber Bridge there was plenty of variety in the vehicles taking part.

EYTCC - 27th Humber Bridge Classics NightEYTCC - 27th Humber Bridge Classics Night EYTCC - 27th Humber Bridge Classics NightEYTCC - 27th Humber Bridge Classics Night










When I was leaving the car park I decided to pull over and take a few panning shots as I noticed that a few of the vehicles were leaving.

EYTCC - 27th Humber Bridge Classics NightEYTCC - 27th Humber Bridge Classics Night EYTCC - 27th Humber Bridge Classics NightEYTCC - 27th Humber Bridge Classics Night










To see all the photos I took from the gathering click here






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Ashcombe Windmill in East Sussex Ashcombe Windmill near the town of Lewes in East Sussex is a reconstruction of a windmill that was destroyed by a gale in the early 1900's. Granted planning permission in 2007 the final reconstruction of the windmill was finished in 2015.

While on a recent holiday in East Sussex I decided to re-visit this windmill and take some more photos as well as record a video for my photography You Tube channel.

Locating the windmill is very easy especially by foot. It can be accessed by car but there isn't dedicated parking along the private road, however there is a spot at the end of the road for two small cars to park on the grass verge. Please note that parking is at your own risk and you may be asked to move your vehicle.

From the A27 roundabout for Lewes turn into Ashcombe Hollow and continue on the road driving under a railway bridge where the road will become narrow. Just before you enter the village of Kingston turn left onto Juggs Road. Some parts of this road can be very uneven and suffer from pot holes. You will see the windmill on your left as you continue to drive up the road. Keep driving until you come to the end of the road where you will see a gate. This is where the rest of your journey will be on foot, as all you will need to do is walk through the gate onto a grass path where you will be able to see the windmill to your left. There is plenty of viewing locations for this windmill along the grass track, however this doesn't take  you right up to the windmill as the windmill is on private land.

Horse and Ashcombe PostmillHorse and Ashcombe Postmill Ashcombe PostmillAshcombe Postmill

























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Comic Con Hull - 2019 On Sunday 21st July I went to my first Comic-Con in the city of Hull in East Yorkshire. The event was called Hull Comic-Con and was held for the first time at the new Bonus Arena after previous years being held at different locations in and around the city. 

Doors opened to the public at 11 am, and like at all of these events the queues start to build at least 40 minutes to an hour before the doors open.

Ticket prices for the Comic-Con on the day were:
Adult: £8
Under 13: £4
Under 5: FREE
Family Ticket (2 adults, 2 under 14): £20

Many people turned out in their favourite cosplay costumes and battled the heat as it was a very warm humid day. Sentinel Squad UK was there in their Star Wars costumes, walking around the arena and also posing for photos outside. There was even the Doctor's evil enemy the Daleks, and an appearance from The DeLorean from Back To The Future.

Hull Comic Con - 2019Hull Comic Con - 2019 Hull Comic Con - 2019Hull Comic Con - 2019 Inside the main arena, you had plenty of trade stalls, Game of Thrones Prop and display, comic artists and authors in artist alley as well as special guests signing autographs and having their photos taken. Next to the main stage was the photography area where you could have your photo taken against a green screen and also the opportunity to have your photo taken with some stars from classic Doctor Who. Upstairs there was virtual reality gaming, tabletop gaming and more.

During the day there were quizzes on the stage as well as talks from classic Doctor Who cast Katy Manning (Joe Grant), John Levene(Sergeant Benton) and Richard Franklin (Captain Yates).

The day would end with a cosplay contest for those wishing to enter and win prizes.

To view some photos I took from the event you can do so by clicking here

Below is a video on my YouTube channel I made during my visit. Don't forget to subscribe for future videos.


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EYTCC 51st East Coast Run from Hull to Bridlington 2019 Sunday 9th of June 2019 was the main calendar event for the EYTCC and was the  51st East Coast run from East Park in Hull to Sewerby Fields in Bridlington. Each year it draws hundreds of visitors both in Hull and Bridlington along with hundreds of vehicles taking part.

Starting in Hull the vehicles would start to arrive about 8.30am and park until around 11 am when they would start their journey up to Bridlington. This is when the fun begins for motorists as one of Hull's main roads Holderness Road becomes very slow moving.

After leaving East Park the vehicles would travel north up Holderness Road, take the A165 and travel through Coniston and Skirlaugh. They would then turn right onto the A1035 and drive towards Leven roundabout where they would then rejoin the A165 towards Bridlington passing through Beeford and Lissett. Along the route there would be people parked up at the side of the road to watch and give the drivers a wave, take photos and film as they drove past. I was one of these people and this year found a different location to photograph them as they drove by. My location for this year was outside Beeford Grange on the A165. 

Once the vehicles had reached Wilsthorpe roundabout they would turn left onto Moor Lane. At the next roundabout they would turn right onto the A614 and drive through Carnaby and keep following the A614 until Bridlington. This part of the route was also very slow and busy which I believe was due to Bridlington hosting their annual 1940's event.

Arriving at Sewerby Fields just after 1pm I spent the next 3 hours walking around soaking in the atmosphere, enjoying the lovely sunny weather and taking photos. I even had a treat of sitting in the drivers seat of a Peterbuilt American Truck (as seen below). A big thank you to the owner and his father for the opportunity and chat.


Below are a few more photos taken from along the A165 and at Sewerby Fields.






















Sadly towards the end of the event, the dark skies came carrying with it heavy showers.

Photos I took from this event can be found by clicking here

Below is a video I filmed during the day which can also be found on my events You Tube channel. Don't forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell so you can be notified of my future uploads to my channel.



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Castle Howard Traction Engine Rally 2019 On the 25th, 26th, and 27th of May the grounds of Castle Howard played host to a steam rally event called Castle Howard Traction Engine Rally.  The event was organised by Outdoor Shows Limited and would see a range of activities for all the family. This would be my first time to this event, and also my first steam traction rally for 2019.

The admission prices on the day were:
Adult £11.95
Concession £11.00
Child (4-16) £7.95
Under 4s FREE
Family Ticket (1 adult + 3 under 16s) £19.90
Family Ticket (2 adults + 3 under 16s) £31.85

Overnight camping was also available to members of the public.

The day got off to a slow start when it took nearly 30 minutes standing in a queue before paying to get in. 

Once inside there was the following to see and do:

Traction Engines
Fairground Organs
Scarborough Fair Collection including a stage show
Tractor Pulling
Stannage International Stunt Show
Classic Cars
Vintage Motorcycles
Vintage Tractors
Stationery Engines
Working Displays
Miniature Steam Engines
Commercial Vehicles and Military Vehicles
Vintage Fairground
Trade stands including jumble and car boot
Craft Marquee
Food and drink stalls including a licensed bar
Mr Bungle's Punch and Judy


Castle Howard Traction Engine Rally - 2019Castle Howard Traction Engine Rally - 2019 Castle Howard Traction Engine Rally - 2019Castle Howard Traction Engine Rally - 2019

Castle Howard Traction Engine Rally - 2019Castle Howard Traction Engine Rally - 2019 Castle Howard Traction Engine Rally - 2019Castle Howard Traction Engine Rally - 2019











To view the photos I took from this event please click here.

Also a video I filmed during my visit is down below which is on my You Tube channel. Don't forget to visit and subscribe to my channel for future videos.









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EYTCC 25th Humber Bridge Classic Night The evening of 17th May saw the first gathering of cars at the Humber Bridge organised by EYTCC which ran from 5 pm till 9 pm. I arrived at 5 pm and already cars were arriving ready to display for the public. Things started well at this event, but this shortly changed and wasn't helped by lack of organisation.

The problems the organiser had during the event was firstly in one of the areas they use, was two large trailers from an HGV which were waiting to be collected. So alot of the area normally used to park vehicles was out of bounds. Another issue during the evening was traffic jams. The car park for the public to park soon became full, and the lack of parking for the vehicles on display soon became full resulting in a long queue of traffic out onto the main road. I was later told by someone who was stuck in the traffic that this event had been advertised on the local radio all day, hence why so many people were coming to have a look. Sadly this traffic jam meant alot of the vehicles taking part in the gathering turned round and went home.  

There was a very good turn out of vehicles on display and below are a couple of images I took from the evening.











You can view all the photos I took on the night by clicking here.

Also to find out more about the EYTCC (East Yorkshire Thoroughbred Car Club) and future events visit there website by clicking here.





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Against The Odds War Time Event at The Yorkshire Air Museum


The weekend of 11th and 12th May saw the grounds of The Yorkshire Air Museum in Elvington, near York come back to life with the sites and sounds of the 1940s during the second world war. This was made possible with the help of re-enactors dressed in authentic attire, and a flypast from a Spitfire from the Battle Of Britain Memorial Flight based at R.A.F Coningsby in Lincolnshire.

My visit to the event was on Saturday and we were blessed with some lovely sunny weather up until the early afternoon. As usual, there was plenty to see and do for the whole family. The Seatones were singing live outside the NAFFI, the York Vintage Dance Group were close by performing, and the main star of the event The Halifax Bomber known as Friday the 13th was positioned in the middle of the grounds bathing in the sunshine.



I spent the majority of the morning around the Halifax Bomber as it made for some good photo opportunities with the re-enactors dressed in R.A.F attire and full bomber dress. After taking some photos of the crew getting kitted up, they positioned themselves in front of the Halifax Bomber for the opportunity for the public to take some photos. I admit it was a little bit of a scrum at some stages with everyone trying to take their photos.









In front of the Halifax Bomber were some vintage vehicles, and next to them was HMS Vernon which was a talk and demonstration on how to defuse land mines.










Outside the Canadian Hanger was the Dakota, which the Handley Page Engineering Team were working on, and inside the Canadian Hanger was a parachute packing demonstration throughout the day.

Close to the control tower were the British Army B Company 2nd East Yorkshire Regiment Reenactors.
















At 1.15pm everyone started to make their way to the center of the museum grounds as it was almost time for the flypast from the Battle Of Britain Memorial Flight Spitfire.

After the flypast I made my way back towards the Halifax Bomber where the R.A.F re-enactors were just setting up a game of cricket which was a joy and a laugh both to watch and photograph, especially when the cricket ball headed in our direction.

At 2 pm I decided to visit the chapel to watch the 158 Squadron Halifax Mission Briefing – Halifax Friday the Thirteenth F for Freddie, the D-Day Mission over Grandcamp Maisy in France. 

I had a good day at this years event, however one thing I think would have improved it was if they relocated the Halifax Bomber somewhere else, or even next to the Canadian Hanger where it was in 2018. This would have helped when taking photos trying to keep them looking more like they were from the 1940's not 2019 in a museum. The background sometimes had visitors in shot, and also the ropes around the aircraft kind of spoiled some photos.

More photos from the event are available by clicking here. Below is a video I filmed which is on my event YouTube channel. Feel free to subscribe to my channel for future videos. 
































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Catton Hall Classic Car Show May 2019 by Gemini Events Sunday 5th May 2019 was my first visit to a classic car show that I had only found out about a few days before. This event was called Classic Motor Show and Family Fun Day or better known as Catton Hall Classic Car Show. The event is organised by Gemini Events Classic Motor Shows and it was held in the grounds of Catton Hall, Alrewas, Derbyshire and in this blog, I will be totally honest about the location and the car show as an event. 

Firstly a little about the event and the location. Catton Hall and Gardens is a private estate located next to the River Trent with 250 acres of parkland which people can use for public events. 

The event ran from 11 am till 4 pm advertising up to 700 classic motors including pre and post-war, American and military plus classic motorcycles and modified motors. The admission prices being as follows:
Adults £8
Children 4-16 years £4
Family Ticket 2 adults and 2 children £20

I will leave my review of the event towards the end of this blog.

Between where visitors parked their cars and the cars on display was a section with stalls featuring people selling items.

Around the grounds the cars were parked up, and situated in the middle of the grounds was a small arena where throughout the day there would be different categories for owners to drive in and tell the crowd a little bit about their vehicle with the help of a commentator and the chance of winning a prize. Sadly there was nothing I could find listing what would be in the arena and at what time which was a little bit of a disappointment. The kind of categories which took place in the arena were pre 1930s vehicles, the loudest vehicle, tractors from Tamworth Tired Tractors, Rolls Royce and a few other which if I am honest I didn't really watch. I will explain why later in this blog.

Below is a photo of a Rolls Royce featured in the arena.

Rolls RoyceRolls Royce With missing the first or maybe second arena event due to the lack of listings, the next event in the arena was for pre-1930's vehicles. This went up to pre 1940's vehicles as there didn't seem to be a lot of owners willing to enter this part of the show. Out of all the pre-1940's vehicles on display during the day only two decided to enter the arena.

It was at this point, I decided to go for a walk around the grounds to see what other vehicles were on display and also take some photos. It was at this moment when I noticed hidden in the far corner by the exit, parked next to a few cars was a De Lorean which was made famous in one of my favourite 1980's film "Back To The Future". 

De Lorean - AXI 1698De Lorean - AXI 1698 Nearby were a few more American cars parked next to each other away from the main show which made it a lot easier to take some nice clean images. 

Classic CarsClassic Cars I continued my walk around the ground looking at the cars and taking photos. As I was walking around something got my attention which was big and yellow. On investigating it turned out to be a fire engine which was used at Birmingham Airport which was parked next to a DENNIS Sabre XL Fire Appliance.

Airport Fire Engine - XOG 99JAirport Fire Engine - XOG 99J DENNIS Sabre XL Fire Engine - W923 BOADENNIS Sabre XL Fire Engine - W923 BOA











On completing my circuit of the grounds I made my way back to the arena for the loudest car event. But if I am honest, I lost interest and before moving on took a quick image of someone standing on top of their vehicle dressed as a pirate. Why not?

PiratePirate I decided to do another few laps of the grounds as I had noticed a few cars had left which made it easier for me to take some photos without messy backgrounds. After managing to capture a series of images I decided to make my way near the exit and photograph and film some of the cars leaving the grounds. This was also another good opportunity to take some panning shots.

Ford Escort EstateFord Escort Estate Around about 3.30 pm I decided to make my way back to the car and head home as the atmosphere for my liking had dropped even more and a lot of the interesting vehicles had already left while others were packing up getting ready to leave.

So why was this event disappointing?

I will try and make this as brief as possible, and this is only based on my personal views. Firstly the lack of signs directing you to the grounds and where the entry to the car park was. Normally events like this have large yellow signs from both directions letting visitors know where to go. But all I saw was one tiny sign opposite the entry gate.

I had arrived just after 11.30 am so I was also a little bit shocked to see cars leaving the grounds within the first hour of being there. I understand if the owners of these vehicles have to leave due to an emergency, but otherwise, they should all remain on site until the end of the day for the paying public.

Some of the cars on display were parked a distance away from the main show, and at a quick glance, you couldn't tell if they were part of the show or visitors cars parked up. The only good thing about these cars was it made if so easy to take some nice images without anyone in a shot, or other vehicles in the background.

The lack of information about what was being performed in the arena was another let down and I wondered if that was why sometimes there wasn't many vehicles taking part during certain events in the arena. It also sounded like the commentator was making things up on the spot rather than it all being planned. Normally when I visit these events they have a listing of times for the public telling us what will be in the arena. 

Now this one isn't aimed at the organisers, but it is something worth noting and that is the overpriced food and drink stalls which you get at these events. 

I just felt that the overall event was a little messy which was a shame as there were some lovely classic cars there. I would like to thank all the owners of these vehicles for attending during the day for us the public to get the chance to have a look at their pride and joy as well as photograph them. Without the owners of these vehicles, these events wouldn't be able to take place.

If you would like to see the photos I took from my day you can do so by clicking here.

Below is a video from my day at the event which is also on my event YouTube channel. Feel free to have a look and subscribe.






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EYTCC Easter Gathering at The Streetlife Museum in Hull On Easter Monday, the EYTCC (East Yorkshire Thoroughbred Car Club) held their annual car gathering at The Streetlife Museum in the city of Hull. The main event was due to start at 10 am and run till 4 pm but I decided to get there about 8.30 am as I wanted to film some of the classic cars arriving and we were blessed with lovely weather.

This event is their second calendar event for 2019 with Goathland being their first which was held earlier in the month. Sadly I was unable to visit that event this year.

After a few cars had arrived I decided to have a walk around the small grounds of the Streetlife Museum and take a few photos before it got too busy with visitors. Also in case more cars arrived, as sometimes at these events the cars can be parked too close to each other making it harder to find a pleasing composition.

Sadly I could only stay for a couple of hours as I had other arrangements, and I missed out on a few more cars that arrived after 10 am. There was plenty of variety at this event from a classic Ford GT, 1948 Wolseley to a Scarlotti, which has been built using several different parts from several different car manufacturers.













If you would like to see the photos I took during my visit you can do so by clicking here

Below is a video on my YouTube channel I made during my visit with some arrivals.



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Newark Air Museum Night Photography Shoot 2019 On Saturday 9th March 2019, the Newark Air Museum held a photography night shoot. I believe this is the first time the museum has held an event like this since 2013. The cost of the ticket was £30 and this gave ticket holders the chance to visit the museum and exhibits during the day before the event started. Money raised from ticket sales went towards the running costs of the museum and any restoration work to the exhibits.

The museum would close as normal at 5 pm, and between 5 pm and 5.45pm preparations would commence for the night event. This involved all participants moving their cars from the main car park, to behind hangar number 2 on the museum grounds. This was because the main gates to the car park approach road would be locked, so exit from the museum after the event would be via their gate leading onto Drove Lane. Staff would be locking up areas of the museum that was not going to be in use and also assisting any late comers with parking. They would also be getting lighting and the aircraft we were going to be using ready and moved into position as well as removing any rope or signs that were around the exhibits. This gave us some extra time to wander around taking photos. 

SEPECAT Jaguar T2A XX829SEPECAT Jaguar T2A XX829 English Electric Lightning T.5 XS417English Electric Lightning T.5 XS417

At 5.45pm we had our briefing in the cafe on the Southfield Site which involved a run through of the timings for each aircraft that was going to be lit, as well as the usual health and safety warnings. The event officially started at 6.30pm with the Jaguar T.2 being lit up as well as the Fairey Gannet AEW.3  and Sea Vixen. We were lucky to have a little bit of sun breaking through the clouds, but nothing really special in the way of a sunset. 

SEPECAT Jaguar T2A XX829SEPECAT Jaguar T2A XX829

The evening consisted of 4 main aircraft being used which were the Jaguar T2, English Electric Lightning, Buccaneer S1 and Cessna 310. These were lit up at certain times during the night for a set amount of time. 

There was also pop in photo opportunities with other aircraft which were the Avro Shackelton, Vulcan Bomber, Fairey Gannet and Sea Vixen. These would be lit up for most of the evening for us to photograph.

Later in the evening, there was also an opportunity for some photography with re-enactors with the Buccaneer S1, Jaguar T2 and the English Electric Lightning.

Blackburn Buccaneer S.1 XN964Blackburn Buccaneer S.1 XN964 Blackburn Buccaneer S.1 XN964Blackburn Buccaneer S.1 XN964










The event went well and was really enjoyable and is always nice to photograph these exhibits after hours, without the ropes around them and with re-enactors. We even had the chance to do some light painting on exhibits not being used, as long as we didn't interfere with anyone taking photos.

Sadly there was a couple of issues which didn't help with the photography side of things, but it wasn't down to the museum. Sadly behind the Sea Vixen were some cranes in the distance, so any photo opportunity featuring this aircraft would be ruined with a messy background as seen in the image below.

I would recommend this event to anyone if they decided to hold another event which I am hoping they do. I have already contacted the museum asking about future events and below is their reply on Twitter....

To view photos I took during the event click here

To find out more about the museum head over to their website




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