Veterans Day Weekend, East Park in Hull 2016.

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The last weekend in July saw the return of a popular event to East Park in Hull, and that was Veterans Day Weekend. This is a two day event where we celebrate the past and the present in the armed forces. There was plenty to see and do over the weekend which included:

  • Static WW2 aircraft
  • Big Band Stage with live music
  • Battle Arena with mock displays
  • English, German and American camps displaying equipment and uniforms
  • Food and drink stalls
  • Other entertainment including "Bitter Creek" Western themed camp

Each day started at 10am and finshed at 5pm, and I decided to visit on the Saturday as the weather was forecast to be the nicest out of the two days. But it turned out both days had nice weather.

I arrived at the park around 9.30am so I could get parked as I knew if I left it to later I may not have got a parking space, or I would have been caught up in heavy traffic on Holderness Road leading up to the park entrance. I spent a while walking round as it was before the event had started, and it was also nice to have a look at things and take a few photos before it got really busy with people.

My main choice of lens was my Tamron 70-200mm f2.8 which I love using for events, as I love the image quality. The only down side to using this lens with one camera body was every now and then I had to keep changing to a wider lens, as I couldn't get the shots I wanted as the 70mm-200mm lens wasn't wide enough.

As you can see in the photo below, this was taken using my 70mm-200mm lens and even thou I was still a distance from the Hurricane, I was unable to fit the whole plane into the frame.

The day didn't really start till about 11 am as a lot of the stalls were still setting up even after 10 am. One of the things I found when wanting to take a photo was the messy backgrounds. A lot of the static displays this year seemed to be so close together, and some period displays were parked in front of modern vehicles. I also found this with Bitter Creek. Anytime I wanted to take a wide short or a candid shot, it would be difficult due to the modern day vehicles parked behind the tents. When talking photos at events like this I like to try and capture the era in the photo, and with the messy backgrounds it was starting to prove a little tricky.

The photo below shows you an example of a scene with a messy background with cars and a trailer.


At 11 am on the Battleground the main displays began, with a short break in between shows, and I used these breaks to walk around the event and to the main stage where all the live music was being performed, taking photos, then going back to the arena.

Photo below was taken during the WW2 firing display and talk.

I decided to leave before the day had finished, and I was happy with the photos I had captured during the day. I always try to look for photo opportunities that will be different from other photographers who attended the event.

You can find all the photos from the day by clicking here.

Below you can watch my vlog from the day which features some POV footage as I am taking my photos:






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